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Delta Children’s Book and Toy Organizer is Perfect for Toddlers

Our darling Addy turned two in February and I like to instill good habits in our children from a young age. We’ve been working with her on cleaning up her own toys and books and it’s been a difficult journey because she didn’t always want to pick up her things. She’s very strong minded and wants what she wants. I knew we needed to look into a toy organizer to help with this task and I was thrilled to learn that Delta Children had a PRINCESS one that she would love!! I was hopeful this would help get her on board with organizing and cleaning her things up!

Delta ChildrenDelta Children has a wide variety of children’s items that would be perfect in every household! They have nursery and kids’ furniture, baby gear as well as storage and decor items! Some favorites of mine are the Disney themed kids’ items, which is why we selected the Disney Princess Book and Toy Organizer for review. Delta Children sent us the organizer and I was excited to see where it would take our journey of teaching organization skills to our toddler!

When we received the book and toy organizer there was some assembly required. It was quick and easy and hubby had it ready to go within 30 minutes.

Toy Organizer
The Disney Princess Book and Toy Organizer has four bins on bottom for toys and two shelves on top for books. What little girl doesn’t love Disney Princesses and pink? This is the perfect piece for toddler girls to have in their rooms! I love that it allows for books and toys! Books are something we highly encourage our children to enjoy and having somewhere for her to put her books was important to us.

Princess OrganizerYou can see both ends are full of colorful images with the Disney Princesses. As a multiracial family, we were really happy to see that Delta Children included Princess Tiana on this organizer! I honestly didn’t look at the dimensions of this organizer before getting it and was a bit surprised at the size. It is 25.50”(W) x 11.00”(D) x 24.50”(H). I was thinking it would be larger than this but it turned out to be a great size for our two year old to have easy access to it! The storage bins on the bottom are each approximately 12″ by 9″ so they can hold some smaller toys with multiple pieces perfectly! It’s hard to keep sets with many pieces together so these work great! I like to use them for additional books or for doll sets (doll with clothes), play food items or even Lego sets that have many pieces just to keep them together.  The bins do sit on a fabric “shelf” so you’ll want to be careful not to put too many heavy items inside. One other challenge we’ve had is keeping the bins on the shelves and keeping them together! Something about them just makes our toddlers want to take the bottoms out and fold the bins together. It is a learning process for them, which has become part of their organizing and cleaning lessons! 😉 At the end of play time we always have “clean up time” where we sing a song “Everybody Clean Up” to help make it fun. Addy has really started to enjoy putting her things in her Princess Bin and it’s helped to make clean up time more fun!

Toy Organizer
As I said, Addy has become quite fond of her book and toy organizer! When teaching our toddlers cleaning and organizing habits here are some of the things that worked best for us:

  • Don’t overwhelm them — give them small tasks, one at a time in order to have success and celebrate small victories (clean up just the puzzle pieces, just the books, etc instead of “clean up your room”)
  • Make it clear where to put the items they are responsible for cleaning. That’s one great thing about the bins being removable, they can take one bin and go clean up their doll toys or their puzzle pieces.
  • Make it fun! Sing a clean up song or have a race! However you can make it fun for them, do it!
  • Make it a team effort! It’s the perfect time to teach team work and show them how quickly and easily a job can get done when you work together!

Now that you have the perfect solution for a toddler toy organizer you can get that spring cleaning started! Outside of the book and toy organizer, Delta Children also has various matching Disney Princess pieces such as a princess toddler bed, upholstered chair and a princess chair desk! You can reward your toddler’s organizing skills with a whole princess room!

Buy: You can purchase Delta Children’s items from various national retailers. Click here to find one near you!

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