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An Infant Sleep Routine at Two Months? Yes! (HALO Giveaway!)

Halo Muslin SleepSack

When I was pregnant with Annie her most active time was late at night. Someone told me that her most active time when she was born would be the same as when I was pregnant. I, of course, hoped they were wrong. But, they were right. When she was born she was a night owl. So much so that it seemed her days and nights were completely mixed up. I had to do something to get her on a routine and sleeping at the right time. I planned to tackle the … [Read more...]

My Marathon Days are Fueled with Stonyfield Greek Yogurt

Stonyfield Greek

Since baby Annie was born two months ago (wow, has it been that long!?) I feel like I’ve been running a marathon. Even more since returning to work three weeks ago, the marathon seems to be a daily thing! I’ve read in the past that the adjustment from two to three kids was the hardest. For me that wasn’t an issue. Adjusting from three to four kids though? Wow. It’s been quite the adjustment. I’ve had to learn how to save time, especially in the … [Read more...]

Lessen Your Environmental Footprint with Help from Staples

Staples Logo

Earth Day is just around the corner and it's a great time to look at new ways your can lessen your environmental footprint. It's a great day to set new goals, to start new habits, and to make new resolutions all in favor of being green and making those small changes to make a big difference! No better (or more cost-effective way) to do so than with Staples eco-preferable products.  Made from renewable resources and recycled materials, Staples has … [Read more...]

Delta Children’s Book and Toy Organizer is Perfect for Toddlers

Delta Children

Our darling Addy turned two in February and I like to instill good habits in our children from a young age. We've been working with her on cleaning up her own toys and books and it's been a difficult journey because she didn't always want to pick up her things. She's very strong minded and wants what she wants. I knew we needed to look into a toy organizer to help with this task and I was thrilled to learn that Delta Children had a PRINCESS one … [Read more...]

New Trailer Now Available for Disney’s Planes: Fire & Rescue

Cad Spinner

If you remember, when I went to LA last summer for the Monsters University premiere my group also got to be the first group in public to view Planes. I was blown away at how amazing that movie is and how much I truly appreciated the lessons that children can learn from it. So....when I heard they were making a second Planes movie you know I had to be elated!!!  And guess what!? It's finally here...the trailer, that is! Take a look and get excited … [Read more...]

Muppets Most Wanted Activity Sheets

Gonzo's Maze

Muppets Most Wanted is now playing in theaters and you know (from older posts) that I love activity sheets! Here are some super fun activity sheets for you and the kids to enjoy!! (Click on the image to open a full sheet size PDF for easy printing) Muppets Most Wanted Activity … [Read more...]

Sign My Shirt Giveaway

Sign My Shirt

Have a graduation, bachelorette party or baby shower coming up? You don't want to miss out on this! Sign My Shirt is an amazing gift and right now they are hosting a giveaway!! Sign My Shirt's patent-pending technology makes them the only place to create customized t-shirts that can be remotely signed by friends and family from anywhere in the world! Send out your invites through Facebook and/or email and your friends can use their mouse or … [Read more...]

Sweet Sesame Chicken Recipe

Sesame Chicken

I LOVE Chinese food. It seems it is rather difficult to find good Chinese food where I live so I thought I'd try making some of my own! I made some Sesame Chicken a few months back that turned out pretty good. I've made it a few times since trying to perfect the recipe and this is what I've come up with! I hope you enjoy it! <3 Note: I don't usually make enough to have left overs so if you'd like left overs or if you need to serve more than … [Read more...]

Get Comfortable with Coobie Seamless Bras (Discount Code)

Seamless Bras

Comfort is of utmost importance to me. ;) I love some PJs or sweats and my bras? They MUST be comfortable! I recently came across some that look incredibly comfy and I had to share! Check out these seamless bras: Seamless Bras for Comfort Coobie Seamless Bras are ultra comfortable and versatile without sacrificing style. These affordable, stylish bras are seamless, one-size (comfortably fits 32A through 36D), available in 7+ styles and 50+ … [Read more...]