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Welcome Baby Annie!

Well, I’ve been offline for over two weeks now. I announced on Instagram that baby Annie arrived but I haven’t posted about it. Our precious baby girl arrived February 17 in the evening. We’ve been on a roller coaster ride since, but she’s absolutely amazing and we are in love again!

In the weeks leading up to Annie’s arrival I experienced false labor about 3 times. I was really hesitant in waiting it out at home too long because of how fast my previous labors have gone. I was dilated to 5 two weeks before Annie decided it was time so I knew once labor really did start it could go fast again. I was admitted to the hospital once and spent the night thinking she was coming. That was the night of February 4. My contractions really slowed down after a while of being there but because I was dilated to 5 and we were expecting a snow storm they were afraid to send me home and felt it would be safer if I just stayed for a bit. Looking back, I had to have some unexpected dental work done on February 3 which caused me to not eat or drink as much as normal and I was dehydrating causing my contractions. Once I got hydrated the contractions slowed way down until they eventually stopped.

With LA and Addy my contractions started on my way to work and I went to work not believing I was in labor. I ended up leaving with both of them after 2-3 hours at work with contractions. This time I said all along that I didn’t want to go into labor at work. The morning of February 17 I woke up and immediately started having contractions the moment I sat up to get out of bed. Because the contractions were 20 minutes apart I wasn’t sure that I was really in labor and proceeded to get ready and drive to work. As I was driving I even called my manager because I wasn’t sure I should go in. After speaking with her I decided to go ahead and go in and see how things went since my contractions were still pretty irregular. I decided to eat and hydrate myself before deciding and I could do that at work so I went. After eating and drinking when I arrived at work the contractions were still there and a few hurt so I decided to not wait as long this time and left after being there for one hour.

I drove myself home to meet my husband who was already at home with the kids since he was on winter break. We took the kids to his parent’s house and went to the hospital. We ended up arriving around noon. When we arrived at the hospital I was hooked up to the monitors as usual. After sitting there for a while I was thrilled to see MY doctor walk into the triage room where we were waiting. I was so happy she was there because I trust her more than any other doctors that were there because she’s been my doctor for 4 years and she delivered Addy. She checked me and I had no dilated any more but because my contractions were regular and I was a day overdue they admitted me and we were going to have our baby! My doctor checked me again around 3:45 and I was dilated to 6. My water still hadn’t broken and with all of my previous babies they had to break it for me so she went ahead and broke my water at that time. By five o’clock I was dilated to seven. It was progressing, but not nearly as fast as my previous labors.

My contractions were getting much stronger, but still weren’t super close together. My doctor knew that my wishes were for an all natural labor and she honored that but wanted to inform me of my options. Around 7:30 so told me that we could start pitocin if I wanted to just to see if it would bring my contractions closer together. I was very ready at that time to have baby but I decided to wait it out a bit longer and see what would happen. I was glad I did because not long after that my contractions picked up and by eight o’clock I was dilated to a 9! I remember with Addy my doctor talked me through everything and told me what was happening when it was happening and talked me through what I needed to do. She is amazing. This time though I knew exactly what was going on and she must have sensed that because she wasn’t talking me through it. She was encouraging and told me how great I was doing, but she was letting me do what I felt my body was ready to do. When I had a contraction that was beyond painful I knew in my head that was baby entering the birth canal and I would be pushing very soon. I was talking myself through it in my head. After that contraction I felt the need to push. I could feel where baby was and I could feel it was time for my body to react. I have never been so in tune with my body in all of my years as I was during my labor that day. Once I felt I needed to push, Annie was here within minutes. I pushed one or two times (I can’t remember to be honest) and she was here very, very fast! She arrived at 8:14 pm and we delayed cord clamping while she laid on me for immediate skin to skin contact. She has a full head of hair, which I teased my husband saying through the whole pregnancy that she better be born with braids as much heartburn as I had. I know that’s old wives tail isn’t always true, but for me it has been. Annie is gorgeous and is the tiniest baby I’ve had weighing in at 7 pounds 10.6 ounces and 19 inches long.

Welcome Baby Annie!

AnnieOur perfect baby girl was here and we couldn’t be happier! She arrived on a day that a snow storm also arrived and it was very cold. Because of that we decided it best for the toddlers to wait until we came home for them to meet their new sister. She was born on Monday night and we planned on going on Wednesday morning so it wouldn’t be long!

One thing I was thrilled to find had changed at our hospital was their baby friendly policy. They do everything in the mama’s room now and do not keep babies in a “nursery”. Baby’s first bath is in mama’s room, the newborn screening is in mama’s room and baby stays with mama ALL THE TIME. I love it!

At 25 hours all babies have to go through a newborn screening. The screening tests for various things including congenital heart defects, jaundice levels and more. Tuesday night came and the nurse came into our room to perform the tests on baby girl. We got some unexpected news that night.

We found out, because of one of the test results, that Annie would not be released from the hospital the next morning. We were also moved to a different room to accommodate her new needs. That week turned into a rather stressful week for us.

I’ll be working on another post to tell you all about the news we got that night and what happened the rest of that week. It took me a long time to get Annie’s birth story done since little miss is always wanting to be held…not to mention a home with three kids three and under is very busy! <3 I want to leave this post as her arrival story and leave it on a positive note, she’s here and she’s gone through a journey already and she’s a strong little girl.

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  1. Keara B. says:

    Congratulations, she’s absolutely beautiful! Sending lots of positive thoughts and blessings to you and your family. I hope you’re able to enjoy this time while she’s tiny and new!


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