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Woolino’s Natural Merino Wool Swaddle & Hat Keep Baby Warm

One of my favorite materials for baby is merino wool. Unlike any other fiber, merino wool creates a microclimate around baby’s body to help regulate baby’s body temperature naturally. It keeps baby warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot. It’s truly an amazing fabric for babies. When Woolino agreed to be part of the Winter Wonderland of Babies and sent Courtney and I their  natural merino wool swaddle and hat for review we were thrilled!

Woolino Logo I had been wanting to get baby girl a natural merino wool swaddle and now, thanks to Woolino, we are able to try one! We received the package from Woolino and I was like a kid trying to open it! It’s a gorgeous color, Dream is what they call it! It truly is a dream, it’s a lilac gray and I personally like it for both genders although some mamas would hesitate in putting it on their boys (coming from a mama who put her boy in purple cloth diapers, too! haha)

You may be asking why you should chose natural merino wool for your baby? Check out these reasons:

  • Medical studies have shown that babies sleeping in merino wool settle more quickly
  • Babies sleeping in merino wool will wake and cry less
  • Babies in merino wool will sleep longer
  • Babies in merino wool will gain weight faster
  • Significantly finer than other types of wool, merino is the perfect fiber to have next to child’s sensitive skin. It breathes, regulates temperature, manages moisture, it is hypoallergenic, easy care and durable. It is naturally perfect.
  • Naturally stretchy, easier to wrap and stays in place better than other wraps
  • Naturally flame resistant, and also offers high UV protection
  • Sustainable and kind to the environment
  • Naturally fire-retardant
  • Machine washable (can you believe it!? – – definitely a plus!)

Now really, do you need any other reason to put your baby in merino wool? It really is an amazing fabric for baby!

Natural Merino Wool Swaddle from Woolino

Natural merino wool swaddle
The swaddle we received from Woolino is generous in size at 90cm x 90 cm and is perfect for swaddling and more! Because it is not a “shaped” swaddle, this natural woolino wool swaddle can also be used as a blanket in the car, stroller or while laying down, it can be used as a nursing cover or even a sun shade! This is definitely a versatile baby product that you want to have around! 😉

Merino Wool Newborn Hat
The hat that comes with the swaddle is perfect for those newborn days! It’s made of the same natural merino wool material and is the same color as the swaddle. It’s something that is going in our hospital bag for baby to wear instead of the one the hospital normally puts on her.

Outside of these natural merino wool swaddle blankets, Woolino also offers 4 season sleep bags! Yes, you read that right – 4 season sleep bags! Because they are made of the same natural merino wool they are perfect for cooler and hotter months so you can use them year your! They have these available from 3 month all the way through 4 years old! Be sure you get one today for your baby and toddler!

What is your favorite material for baby? Have you ever used a natural merino wool swaddle?

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Purchase: You can purchase the Woolino Natural Merino Wool Swaddle and Hat directly from Woolino! Be sure you also follow them on their social media outlets!!


Be sure you stop by and enter to win the $1800+ prize package in the Winter Wonderland of Babies event! Woolino is a sponsor and the winner will get the Swaddle & Hat set that I received!

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