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Sibling Gifts Made Easy with Lalaloopsy

It’s important to my husband and I to make our little ones feel special when their baby sister arrives. We don’t want them to feel left out in any way. One thing I really wanted to do this time around was sibling gifts. Courtney and I agreed that this was an important thing to include in our baby event as well. When Lalaloopsy agreed to be part of the event we knew our little girls would be thrilled with their Lalaloopsy babies that we received for review!

Lalaloopsy LogoLast week when we had our false labor episode we had sibling gifts ready for LA and Addy that we actually gave to them when we took them to my in-laws’ house for the night. LA received a toy from one of his favorite cartoon characters and Addy received a Lalaloopsy Babies Doll! When Jewel Sparkles arrived at our home I had the hardest time hiding it because I really wanted to give it to Addy the minute I saw it! I waited though and gave it to her when we thought we were on our way to the hospital to have baby.

When she first saw Jewel Sparkles she was in love! The two of them have been inseparable! “My baby!! My baby!!” is what we hear often these days. She loves her Jewel Sparkles and carries the doll everywhere! I love the size of the doll, which is perfect for her toddler hands to carry! I also love the girliness of it with it’s bright colored hat and diaper.

Lalaloopsy BabyBaby Jewel Sparkles™ is a princess at heart, wearing something shiny, that’s how every day starts. She’s the most royal baby you’ll ever meet, but she’ll burst into giggles if you tickle her feet.

A princess at heart, a royal baby, giggles? That’s my Addy and this is the perfect sibling gift for her! She definitely didn’t think about mama and daddy leaving when we dropped her off as she was so excited to play with her new doll! I truly believe it made her feel better in that moment and many moments since.

Jewel Sparkles
Lalaloopsy Babies are perfect for sibling gifts! They are about 12 inches tall, have a very soft body and hard plastic head. There are no small pieces to worry about with your children or when baby gets old enough to start picking things up! The babies collection comes with a paci and a bottle, perfect for siblings to feed and comfort their own baby as your are feeding and comforting their new sibling!

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Purchase: You can purchase Lalaloopsy Babies from various retailers nationwide! Be sure to stop by and check them out and let me know which baby is your favorite!


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