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Pregnancy Journal – 39 Weeks Pregnant

Well, I’ll be honest. I didn’t think I would be writing this journal. I thought our baby girl would be here by now but she’s decided she likes it where she is! 😉 39 weeks pregnant and ready to meet her! <3

Pregnancy Journal Button39 Weeks Pregnant

About Baby This Week: (from BabyCenter.com) Your baby’s waiting to greet the world! He continues to build a layer of fat to help control his body temperature after birth, but it’s likely he already measures about 20 inches and weighs a bit over 7 pounds, about the size of a mini-watermelon. (Boys tend to be slightly heavier than girls.) The outer layers of his skin are sloughing off as new skin forms underneath.

How am I feeling? Tired…ready to get things done! I have very little time to get anything else done before she arrives with my work schedule this week but I am really wanting to organize and get things put away. Frustrated I don’t have a few days off of work to get things done. On a brighter note, my back has been feeling better — finally! It’s still pretty stiff/sore if I sit or lay too long but other than that I’m doing better.

Food Cravings/Aversions: I have a taste for Chinese food although I wouldn’t call it a craving.

Sleep: Pretty much the same….sleeping well between bathroom trips. My back is still stiff when I get up to go to the restroom but I don’t have much of an issue getting back to sleep after the restroom trip typically.

Baby’s Movement: She’s still pretty active. I love feeling her move. She definitely has her sleeping times, but she’s a mover, too!

Weight: I’ve gained 6 pounds this pregnancy.

Next Appointment: My next appointment is scheduled for Thursday although my doctor was not sure she’d see me this week at the office. They said that last time too though and I went to my appt.

What happened this week? For the second week in a row we went to labor and delivery. Tuesday I left work a few hours early because I was having a lot of cramping and thought it might be early labor. I am so hesitant in waiting long this time because with Addy I didn’t go to the hospital right away and had her within an hour of getting there. So, I went in to get monitored (I did call the dr and they suggested I go in). I was dilated 3-4 and having contractions but nothing regular and when they checked an hour later no progress had been made so I got sent home. Literally, when they were taking me off the monitors, I had a painful contraction that I thought was just coincidence so I didn’t say anything. As I was leaving I had a few more and when I got in the car I kept having painful contractions between 3 and 10 minutes apart. I waited about 2.5 hours and hubby and I took the kids to his parent’s house and we went back to the hospital because they continued. When I arrived I was dilated 4-5. I was dehydrated but was having contractions so they admitted me since I had progressed since I left earlier. I eventually dilated to a full five but nothing further. Contractions stopped. I was in the hospital all night and until late afternoon Wednesday. I did get an IV for dehydration. Labor/contractions stopped completely. At 5 cm dilated I was sent home. All of the doctors in the practice I go to agree that IF they were to bring me in and break my water my labor will most likely be harder and longer than normal. I typically have very quick labors and they think if they try to force my body into something it’s not ready for it will be worse on me. So….we are waiting for everything to happen naturally.

Something that upset me: Going in to L&D and being sent home…twice. lol BUT, if she’s not ready, she’s not ready.

Something I am looking forward to: Meeting baby!!! I’m really excited to meet her, see who she looks like and all that fun stuff! And I have to admit I’m looking forward to having time off of work to bond with her and to spend with my other children! I love being at home with them!

Boy or Girl? Those strong feelings I had early on about gender proved to be right!!! We’re having a girl!!!!!!!!

Things I am doing to prepare: Hubby and I went to IKEA yesterday and bought some dressers for LA’s room so we can rearrange things there and so we can use his smaller dresser for baby’s clothes. I know, I know…we are a bit late in doing that! 😉 We spent the day putting the new items together and didn’t have time to rearrange the clothing so I am hoping for some energy to do that this week. I also found some new gDiaper newborns from a local cloth diaper group that I bought to use at the hospital! I’m so excited!!! Her new bassinet should also be arriving today so we’ll need to get that put together soon!

Countdown: I’m at 39 weeks pregnant, so 1 week to go if we go to 40 weeks!

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Pregnant? What have you done to prepare this week?

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