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A Great Reward – Tickety Toc on DVD #WonderlandOfBabies

Courtney and I both had two toddlers along with baby on the way. It was very important to us to make sure they didn’t feel left out and that we made sure they have some gifts to enjoy when everyone else is swooning over our new baby. We both felt that Tickety Toc would be a great item to include in The Winter Wonderland of Babies Event as something special for toddler siblings!

Tickety Toc DVD
We try not to let our toddlers watch a lot of television or DVDs. We try to keep them active with activities like writing, drawing, using their imaginations and more. BUT, as parents, we all know there are times that DVDs are fabulous! We look at DVDs in our home as a special reward/treat and when Tickety Toc sent us their latest DVD for review we were pleased to include it as part of baby’s arrival celebration! Our toddlers will, no doubt, have moments they want extra attention after baby arrives. We’ll be splitting our time to make sure all of our children get what they need. One thing we love doing on occasion is a movie night with the family. We get special food/treats and all sit down for a movie. Tickety Toc is first on our list for when baby arrives. It is a great family choice as it teaches about teamwork and community.

Tickety Toc on Nick Jr

Tickety Toc on DVD – The Unstoppable Unpoppable Bubble

In the lead episode, “Bubble Time,” Tommy and Tallulah set out to test McCoggins’ new “unpoppable bubble” formula. But when a bubble becomes so big that it engulfs everything in its path, it’s up to helpful Hopperoo to save Tickety Town from a sticky situation!

The debut title also follows Tommy and Tallulah as they fly off in a hot air balloon – and can’t get down! – in “Balloon Time,” and zeros in on a “sticky” situation when the Stickety Machine used to find Pufferty’s ball nearly sucks up the entire Tickety Town in “Stickety Time”! Additional episodes on the new DVD include: “Help a Friend Time,” “Fruity Pudding Time,” and “Bell Time.”

Tickety Toc has become the #1 afternoon show on Nick Jr. and this is their second release from Anchor Bay Entertainment for preschoolers!

Although I don’t recommend DVDs/TV for a babysitter, educational shows such as this make for a great reward/treat and can make your toddlers feel so great! This Tickety Toc on DVD is something that will be utilized in our home for family movie nights and the occassional special time while mama is nursing baby or something else comes up.

Have your toddlers gotten into Tommy and Tallulah in the fabulous Tickety Toc? Do you watch it on Nick Jr or by DVD?

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Purchase: You can purchase The Unstoppable Unpoppable Bubble Tickety Toc DVD at a local store or on Amazon!


Be sure you stop by and enter to win the $1800+ prize package in the Winter Wonderland of Babies event! Tickety Toc is a sponsor and the winner will get their own Tickety Toc DVD for their toddlers!

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