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An Update on our TerraCycle Brigade with Capri Sun

Capri Sun Disclosure
It’s been a while since I talked about the Terracycle Brigade with Capri Sun that we are doing at the school my husband teaches at. It turned out it would work better if we had the entire school collecting drink pouches instead of the wide variety of products we initially thought we’d try. We had them collecting Capri Sun containers and any of that sort. How did we end up doing? How was the school rewarded? Let’s take a look…

Capri Sun Drink Pouch
First things first, the art teacher and some of his students got involved by making our largest collection bin. Doesn’t it look awesome!? The bin sat right near my husband’s classroom as that’s where the pouches would be turned in each day. All students were challenged to start bringing in as many drink pouches as they could to fill the bin! We sweetened the challenge by offering a fabulous prize package to the classroom that brought the most!

Drink Pouch Brigade
The winning classroom would get not only a pizza and ice cream party, but the teacher would also get a $200 gift card to a local teacher store to purchase items specifically for THEIR classroom! This got many, many students excited and we had quite the battle going on! My husband admitted it was fun to watch their competitiveness! I loved hearing his stories each night about how the brigade was going!


Drink Pouch Collection Time and Activities!

Each day he got to see the students bring in drink pouches and contribute to making our planet a better place! We also set up learning seminars throughout the collection period to teach the students about recycling and ways they can contribute to saving the planet. We’ve even planned a field trip to a local recycling place once the weather warms!

Green Books
We purchased Little Green Books for each classroom to help with their learning about recycling and saving the Earth. The kids REALLY enjoyed these books and I highly suggest them for home use, too! We spent the first few weeks in December, prior to winter break learning about recycling and helping them understand why they were collecting the drink pouches, why recycling is neccessary and what they can do at home to make a difference.

Greed Education Time
We tried to really get across to them that EVERY small change can make a difference.

Activity Sheets for Recycling
We did various recycling activity sheets in our learning sessions. We shared recycling facts for kids with the students and played games like Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy using these facts! We set up several activity centers to teach them as much as we could throughout the course of this brigade!

Collecting PouchesEach classroom had their own collection container, too! They were able to collect and then bring to one central location if that worked out better for the class. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for everyone to take part!

We decided to give one big push at the end to collect as many pouches as possible! Winter break would be for two weeks and we challenged the students to collect as many containers as they could from family gatherings and at home over the holiday break! Well, with the Polar Vortex and the 14+ inches of snow we received, they ended up being out of school for three weeks and our brigade was a bit delayed!

That wasn’t such a bad thing though…the ending result was awesome! We are proud to say we’ve collected approximately 1,000 pouches that we’ll be sending in for our TerraCycle Brigade with Capri Sun! That’s 1,000 drink pouches saved from the landfill and numerous students who now understand the importance of recycling….I’d say that’s quite an accomplishment!

Recycle Drink Pouches
The School’s Rewards

As proud as we are of all students who took this challenge to heart, we wanted to do as much as we could with the Capri Sun sponsorship! We decided to ask for the administration’s help in deciding what the school needed most and help in ordering. You see, the school gets a larger discount than we can get anywhere and since we wanted them to get the most with the sponsorship money we decided it was best for the school to order the products. The shipment is expected soon and we’ll have an updated post on just what the school did with their reward from Capri Sun! We can’t wait to show you!!!

Have you ever started a recycling program? What ways do you teach children about recycling?


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  1. I want to thank you and Capri Sun for educating our youth on recycling! It’s such an important topic that NEEDS to be shared in our schools! What an amazing thing you’ve done with the students where your husband teaches! I look forward to seeing their rewards — they really deserve it! 🙂

  2. We do TerraCycle too – and this year have already collected over 3000+ pouches! Our kids have “TerraCycle Tuesday” and “Terracycle Thursday” where we collect from the classrooms and organize our collections – they love it! Last year we collected 5000 and I have a feeling when all is said and done this year we will get close to 7000 for the school year! They love it – nice work to you and your husband’s school 🙂
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