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Pish Posh Baby Has New Products this New Year AND They’re Taking Pre-Orders!

With baby being due in just 5 1/2 weeks I’ve been doing a lot of perusing online for the baby items that we still need. Luckily we still have many of the items from when Addy was born, but we still want to get a few new items for this baby, one of which is a stroller. One of my favorite places to look is Pish Posh Baby! They have some great new strollers in this New Year and they are even taking pre-orders, which is perfect for me since I don’t want to be shopping closer to baby’s arrival! A stroller is something we don’t need immediately and since these will all be available at the beginning of February, I can order now and have that worry off of my chest! All of the below strollers can be pre-ordered now! How awesome is that!?

Take a look at these amazing strollers from Pish Posh Baby:

CameleonThe Bugaboo Cameleon – a fabulous choice for those newborn stages and beyond!

Baby Jogger

The City Mini 2014 from Baby Jogger is great for getting back in shape this New Year!!!

City Mini GT 2014Another option from Baby Jogger is their City Mini GT 2014! So many great new strollers! I’m undecided as to which one we’ll pick right now!

City Mini Double 2014With having three little ones, two that will be young enough to be in the stroller often, the City Mini Double 2014 is definitely high on our list of considerations!

City Mini GT Double 2014Another great option for a double stroller is the City Mini GT Double 2014!

City Mini Wheel 2014The City Mini Wheel 2014 is a gorgeous stroller! It’s perfect for those afternoon strolls, mamas! Why can’t I decide between a single and a double!?

City Elite 2014We could also “go off-road in style” with the City Elite 2014! Fashionable and versatile!

baby-jogger-city-select-double-2014-5The City Select 2014 is one of my favorites! This is another great double stroller option! I’m in love with this one and it’s definitely high on the list of considerations!

FIT 2014The FIT 2014 is built for speed, and is the lightweight evolution of the jogging stroller that started Baby Jogger. I personally love the colors on the FIT 2014 shown above!

Summit X3 2014Finally, we have the Summit X3 2014! The Summit X3 is a highly maneuverable hybrid jogger/stroller and provides exceptional performance on any terrain!

A stroller is one thing I want to splurge on this time around. I know there are some amazing strollers at Pish Posh Baby and I love the pre-order option! It’s super convenient! Now, if I could only make a decision! 😉

What is your favorite from the above listed strollers?

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