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Menu Challenge Monday – January 20, 2014

It’s a constant struggle….to stick with the plan that is. There have been so many days that I just don’t feel like cooking, I run out of time, or I REALLY don’t feel like having what’s been planned. The past few days though I have a strong desire to eat at home and make sure nothing passes the expiration date…so I am hoping this continues and I cook more!

Monday: Left overs from Sunday – Taco Stuffed Shells (this didn’t happen. I am fighting a cold and because he knew I am not feeling well hubby offered to pick up dinner so I didn’t have to do any work.)

Tuesday: Lasagna Rolls Ups – This didn’t happen…we ended up eating breakfast food…AT HOME since I still wasn’t feeling that great and it was much quicker! SO I’m counting this as a success. 😉

Wednesday: Frozen Pizza – this didn’t happen. We ate out. 🙁

Thursday: Pork Sirloin Roast with Veggies – this didn’t happen but I did cook! We had Broccoli Cheese Soup and Bacon, Spinach and Tomato sandwiches! 😉 AT HOME! 

Friday: Left Overs – this didn’t happen but we had kielbasa, mashed potatoes and sauerkraut AT HOME!

Saturday: Eat Out – this happened! Notice every time I plan to eat out, we do!? LOL

Sunday: Chicken Burritos – didn’t happen, but I had some pie crust that was about to expire so I made chicken pot pie instead! AT HOME! Woohoo!!!

So-so….better than the previous week, for sure! Let’s see if we can eat in 100% of the time this week!

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Here’s the plan for this week! Here goes:

Monday: Pork Roast with Veggies and Fried Potatoes

Tuesday: Left over Roast, Mac N Cheese and Corn

Wednesday: Frozen Pizza with left over Mac N Cheese

Thursday: Sesame Chicken and Rice

Friday: Taco Stuffed Shells (going to try and prepare these Thursday when I am off of work and just cook Friday night!)

Saturday: Potato Cheddar Soup

Sunday: Chicken and Bacon Lasagna Roll Ups 

How do you stick to your menu plan when you really don’t feel like having what was planned?


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  1. I wish I had your willpower- you seem to succeed more times than not! I never have specific meal plans because I think I would only be successful 1-2 days out of the entire week. I have mood swings when it comes to meals… some weeks I want to eat out every day (which can’t happen due to budget), and some weeks I’m desperate to make sure nothing goes past the expiration date! (Much like you, haha.) Typically, what makes me stick to a “generalized” plan is looking at my credit card bill after eating out or not eating what’s in the fridge. 😉

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