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Make Any Shirt a Nursing Shirt with Undercover Mama #WonderlandOfBabies

Another sponsor Courtney and I were thrilled to include in the Winter Wonderland of Babies Event is Undercover Mama. Courtney and I both nurse our babies and this is a product that really helps us nursing mamas in a few different ways! You can make any shirt into a nursing shirt with the genius invention called “Undercover Mama”.

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Courtney and I both received an Undercover Mama for review purposes. I love the variety of colors that are available and I chose navy to go with my new “hospital pajamas”! I love these tanks and it’s just what I need at the hospital and every day after! Nursing baby is much more comfy knowing my sides/back are covered! 🙂Undercover Mama

Make Your Favorite Shirt a Nursing Shirt!

Undercover Mama allows nursing mamas to make any shirt into a nursing shirt! I do have some nursing shirts from when I was nursing in the past and I love them, however, I also have some shirts that I love that are not nursing shirts. I love that I can still wear those non-nursing shirts using Undercover Mama. This genius design is to be worn underneath your shirt, kind of like an undershirt or tank and it attaches to your favorite bra so that when you lift your shirt to nurse baby your stomach, side and back aren’t exposed to the world. It’s a great shirt to add to your outfit that will allow you to get back into your favorite clothes quicker, without having to buy a whole new nursing wardrobe.It’s also fabulous for us mamas after baby is born when many of us feel self-conscious about our bodies anyway. The Undercover Mama shirt prevents our not so flattering sides/back from showing, especially when we have guests to see baby!

They also have lace trimmed tanks, top covers and a slimming version! The nursing shirt I reviewed (and love) is available in TWELVE different colors! Be sure you get some of these for your nursing days…it’ll make it much more relaxed!

Purchase: Purchase your own nursing undershirt/tank at the Undercover Mama online store! You can also find a local retailer as they are sold in many stores nationwide! The nursing shirts are very reasonably priced at just $24.99 each!

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Be sure you stop by and enter to win the $1700+ prize package in the Winter Wonderland of Babies event! Undercover Mama is a sponsor and the winner will get their choice of color and size!

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Babywearing a Newborn with the Boba 4G #WonderlandOfBabies
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