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I’ll be Getting My Shape Back After Baby with Wink Shapewear #WonderlandOfBabies

Knowing that this is my last baby I am determined to really get back in shape after she arrives. I am tired of feeling like an overweight, rolly polly mom. I want to get my “groove” back and feel good again. I want to spend time on ME again and make sure I look good for my husband. Now, don’t get me wrong, he’s not putting that in my head, he loves me the way I am…but I believe that my confidence will be higher if I feel better about how I look and therefore I will feel like I look better for him. Does that make sense? 😉 This time I’ll be getting my shape back after baby with Wink Shapewear! I was actually introduced to them by Courtney at Joy of Momma Joyner and when I saw what they had to offer I was excited to include them in the Winter Wonderland of Babies event! After all, we mamas need some things, too — right? 😉

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Getting My Shape Back After Baby with Wink

Wink ShapewearWink sent both Courtney and I the Ultimate Belly & Hip Shaper for review purposes. I’ve thought it would be interesting to try something like the Ultimate Belly & Hip Shaper, but I never really looked into the products much. I guess it never went past a thought really. This time though I am determined about getting my postpartum shape back after a month or two…or three so I just can’t wait to try Wink Shapewear! I think it will be my answer to looking great by summer! Take a look at what Wink has to say about this amazing product:

Wink’s new Belly & Hip Shaper is longer than the average band, and extends well beyond hip level. It is secured on the bottom and the top with our customary elastic band so it will not ride up when you sit down. This length provides compression at the waist as well as the hips, thereby helping wearers compress and shrink belly and hips UP TO TWO SIZES!

We offer hook and eye closure on the side of this new band that allows for adjustment and tightening as your size goes down. This new band is not just for postpartum use. It can also be worn by anybody wanting to shape, reduce, and define her waistline. Wear it under a cocktail dress or for postpartum recovery, its that versatile!

As always Wink’s new band is made from our custom woven fabric, which allows for maximum compression while still retaining its softness and ability to breathe. As a result, it is strong but yet comfortable.

Compress and shrink belly and hips up to two sizes!?!?! Wow!! That would be my perfect size (in my mind) again!!! The hook and eye closure is super easy to use and it’s awesome that it adjusts as your size goes down! See, it really is just what we need in our postpartum days! Wink is “your little secret” and they have a great line of postpartum products! Be sure you check them out along with all of the other things they offer!

I cannot wait to try this product! It’s definitely what this mama needs to help me get my shape back by summer! Have you ever used compression wear or shapewear? What are your thoughts?


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Purchase: You can purchase Wink Shapewear right from their website! Be sure you also follow them on their social media outlets!!


babyBe sure you stop by and enter to win the $1800+ prize package in the Winter Wonderland of Babies event! Wink Shapewear is a sponsor and the winner will get the Ultimate Belly & Hip Shaper that I received!

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