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Get Your New Look with Maggie Bags! #MamasNewLook

It’s getting to be late January. You’ve set your resolutions/goals for the year. Hopefully you are succeeding! I also hope one of those goals was to be more  green and more aware. Well mamas, it’s time to reward yourselves with a new look! You can start your new look with Maggie Bags while being aware and using products made of repurposed materials!

Maggie Bags LogoI used to work with Maggie Bags quite often and I wrote for their blog for a while until things got really busy around here and in my home. I had to give up something and unfortunately it was Maggie Bags that I had to say good bye to. I have missed my relationship with them but I was thrilled when I was given the opportunity to review their recently redesigned Butterfly Bag! When I received the bag I couldn’t open the package fast enough to start comparing it to my original Butterfly Bag!
A New Look with Maggie Bags
The redesigned Butterfly Bag definitely has some fabulous additions! I chose the Tahiti color combination since I wear a lot of blues! I thought this would be the perfect addition to accessorize my new looks! With baby due in just 3 weeks, I am definitely looking for ways to get my style back after she’s born and I love that I can speak my support for going green and using repurposed products through great accessories like those offered by Maggie Bags! I’ve been a fan of theirs since I first learned about them and I can tell you I LOVE spreading the word about their products and the Maggie Bags story. EVERY time I am using a Maggie Bags item in public I have at least one person ask me about it. It really is an intriguing company with a great line of products!

Maggie Bags Handle Drop
One of the wonderful improvements of this bag is the handle drop. The handle drop on the original Butterfly Bag was a bit short for using in the winter/fall/spring if you needed to wear a coat/jacket. It is now just over 11″ and works great with jackets and coats! The bag on top in the above picture is my original Butterfly Bag and you can see how much shorter the handle drop is.

Butterfly Bag Bottom
The bottom of the bag has four feet and two wicks of webbing which makes for a sturdier bottom! It’s also wider on the inside, perfect for us mamas who like to be stylish but still have to carry lots of items not only for ourselves but for the kids, too! Again, the above photo compares my original to the redesigned Butterfly Bag. You can see the difference in how wide it is and you can see the great addition of the “feet”. I love ’em!

Zippered PocketThe outside of the Butterfly Bag has pocket openings on both sides. These pockets are fabulous for easy access items! For us mamas, they are great for tissues or hand sanitizer during cold and flu season, perfect for easy access to our phone or even a few dollars to grab quickly!
Inside Pockets The inside of the Butterfly Bag has the traditional Maggie Bags purple lining. One side has the generously sized zipper pocket, the other side has the individual pockets that allow you to quickly grab something or keep small items easily accessible. I love the amount of space and pockets Maggie Bags offers in their bags! They know just what we mamas (and all women) need! <3

I absolutely love the redesign of the Butterfly Bag! Adding longer handles and feet are two of the only things I can think of that it really did need improvement on. This bag is amazing! It’s unique, gorgeous, generous in size….and just what mama needs for a new look this year!

Purchase: You can purchase your own redesigned Butterfly Bag from Maggie Bags!

Win!! Maggie Bags is generously giving one lucky Mama on a Green Mission reader their own Butterfly Bag! Be sure you enter the Mama’s Got a New Look Giveaway for your chance to win! Thank you, Maggie Bags! <3

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  1. Thanks for sharing the differences between the older and new bag… I’ve always loved the Butterfly Bag but wasn’t sure it was quite big enough to hold my stuff AND my toddler/baby stuff. I really like that it’s wider at the bottom and has the feet too! I’d love to use this as my everyday mom bag- so much cuter than a diaper bag. 🙂

  2. I love stylish re-purposed items. The improvements to the Butterfly bag are spot-on. One of my pet peeves with purses/bags are handle drops that are too short. I like the feet on the bottom and the easy-access pockets.

    I can never have too many tote bags/purses and mine get heavy use(library, shopping, travel).

  3. I love the in depth review of the bag. The photos are usually just the outside with dimensions given and sometimes you are disappointed with the inside. I think this makes me want one even more.

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