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Babywearing a Newborn with the Boba 4G #WonderlandOfBabies

Another fabulous sponsor in the Winter Wonderland of Babies Event is Boba! I am proud to be a Boba Ambassador and love sharing their amazing products! I started using Boba with LA three whole years ago! Babywearing a newborn was not something I did, but I did use their 2G carrier when he was older. When Addy was born, I could be found babywearing a newborn quite often with their wrap. Now, I am THRILLED to try babywearing a newborn in their fabulous new 4G carrier!

Boba LogoThe Boba 4G carrier is designed for use with babies/toddlers between 7 and 45 pounds! That means babywearing a newborn can be done in this soft structured carrier! Baby A will be our third little one (4th total child, just one is a big kid) so I will definitely NEED (and want) to wear her often! We received the Boba 4G in the Tweet print for review and I think it’s adorable! I can’t wait to use it with baby A!!

Boba 4G carrier

Photo from Boba.com

Check out these 12 amazing features of the 4G:

  1. Removable Sleeping Hood (perfect for young babies!)
  2. Comfortably fits heights 5’0″ – 6’3″ (means many husbands can also use the carrier!!)
  3. Waistband range: 25″ – 58″ (perfect for us plus sized mamas!)
  4. Additional adjustment for easier fit breastfeeding (definitely a must have feature when you have three little ones!!)
  5. Removable Foot Straps (great for babywearing a newborn since they aren’t needed)
  6. Elastic bands neatly roll up straps (stay neat and don’t look a mess, something we all like!!)
  7. Shoulder strap holders keep purse in place (LOVE this so we mamas don’t have to try and hold ANOTHER item!!)
  8. Easily adjustable chest strap (perfect for one hand maneuvering)
  9. Uniquely designed to “hug” your child
  10. Includes intergrated infant insert (amazing feature that allows babywearing a newborn possible in this soft structured carrier!!)
  11. Body of carrier rises 2″-3″ higher than other brands (helps with more coverage of baby!!)
  12. Multiple pockets for on-the-go storage (perfect for our change purse, phone, keys, etc!!)

Check out this video on babywearing a newborn in the 4G!

My husband has worn our two toddlers in a Boba and he loves the fit! When I wasn’t pregnant, I too wore them and LOVED the fit of the Boba. It’s honestly one of the best carriers on the market in my opinion.

Benefits of Babywearing a Newborn

There are many reasons I enjoy wearing my babies. Having baby close is a feeling every mother should get to experience. The love, the comfort, the joy: it’s all priceless. Not only do I get enjoyment out of it, but my babies benefit, too! It is reported that carried babies cry less, they are healthier, they get a better view of the world, they become independent faster, sleep better, learn more and are happier!

You will also have better communication between you and your baby and will lift your spirits as a parent! There is no better feeling than having your little one close and calm! The convenience of babywearing is yet another huge benefit! You don’t have a bulky stroller to push around and having baby close allows you bonding time, easy feeding time and more!

Are you planning on babywearing a newborn soon? Make sure you check out the 4G as a carrier that can last you from newborn through toddler years!

Purchase: You can purchase your own Boba 4G carrier from their website or at various retailers!

Another View: Be sure to stop by Joy of Momma Joyner and check out her thoughts on the Boba 4G carrier!


Be sure you stop by and enter to win the $1700+ prize package in the Winter Wonderland of Babies event! Boba is a sponsor and the winner will get their choice of in stock 4G carrier!

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