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Safe Babywearing Tips with Boba

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Babywearing has become a passion of mine. I read so much about it when I had LA. Being pregnant right now with back issues, I cannot wear Addy at all and I really miss it. If you are new to babywearing, thinking about wearing your little one, or even if you have been wearing your baby for some time, it’s a great time to look at some safe babywearing tips brought to us by Boba.

Boba LogoSafe Babywearing Tips Research shows that carrying baby facing inward helps baby attach in a healthy way to parents and prevents hip dysplasia, allowing baby to stay safe and healthy, both physically and psychologically.

Safe Babywearing

I have to admit that I cringe when I see a mama carrying her baby outward. I also have to admit that I’ve done it a FEW times when my babywearing days began. Ugh….did I just admit that in writing!? We’ve all made mistakes, the important thing is we correct our wrongs and keep baby as safe as possible. None of us want our babies to go through hip dysplasia. None of us want to cause harm to our babies. Wearing baby facing inward not only prevents hip dysplasia, but it also allows for more bonding with baby! I love looking baby in the eyes, cuddling with baby, feeling natural, being able to talk to her and comfort her when needed. Babywearing inward allows me to do all of that.

Not only can I do all of that, but I can do it with my hands free! This is going to be key to getting anything done once baby arrives and I have three little ones three and under at home! I love still being able to feel baby close, bond by skin to skin contact, and still get some things done that need to be done!

Wearing baby outward places unnecessary arch or hollow back position (putting pressure on baby’s spine), it doesn’t support the head or neck and can cause over stimulation, none of which we mamas want for our babes.

For more information on safe babywearing click here.

Boba Safe Babywearing

We love Boba and I can’t thank them enough for these safety reminders. Our Boba carrier is one of my absolute favorites and is the one that gets used most often when I am able to babywear. I cannot wait to try the 4G with baby A in February since it has the newborn fit included! Bonding and safely babywearing while still being able to do other things with my other two little ones is going to be so important! Be sure you stop by Boba and check out their products and see what item you can’t live without in your babywearing journey!

Be sure follow Boba on Facebook and Twitter and also check out my Safe Babywearing Pinterest board for more great tips!

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  1. Kimberly Schotz says:

    It surprises me how many people I see still carrying their babies facing out. When you read the above information it certainly makes sense on why not to do it.

  2. I had no idea that caring a baby outwards could cause hip dysplasia. Wow! This is information that needs to be spread.

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