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Christmas Traditions to Start with Toddlers (It’s not too late!)

Christmas traditions are fun to start and keep! When the kids are toddlers, it’s the perfect time to start traditions! You aren’t too late, here are some great Christmas Traditions you can start, even at the last minute!

Traditions with Toddlers

Now that my little ones are getting old enough to really understand some parts of the Christmas season I wanted to start some fun, memorable traditions with our family. Every kid deserves fun family memories of their childhood and I want to make sure they have just that. With the way I’ve felt recently and how far behind some things have gotten I didn’t start early enough so I am left last minute figuring out what traditions I can start. I’ve come up with a list of Christmas Traditions that I feel are a great fit for my family and may be for yours too!

Christmas Eve Activity Box
1) Christmas Eve Gift Box of Activities: This year we are starting an activity box (gift) tradition. Everyone loves to open just one gift on Christmas Eve. We do the Elf on the Shelf thing so I thought it would be fun for the elf to leave a gift the morning of Christmas Eve full of activities for the kids to do on the last day before Christmas. Our box includes comfy pajamas to wear all day, snacks, movies, books and will also have some Christmas cookie supplies to make cookies for Santa! It will be a day full of family activities and allow the kids to open a gift a day early, too! I am excited about it!

Memorable Christmas Table Runner

Photo Courtesy of BabyDickey.com

2) Another idea I LOVE is from Emily at Baby Dickey. She has a post about The Most Memorable Christmas Table Runner Ever. I seriously adore this idea and when we get a larger house with a bigger table I will be doing this! It’s an amazing memory to have through the years and pass on when your child is old enough!

Christmas Lights

Photo Courtesy of Free Digital Photos

3) One thing we did with our oldest son, and we will do with the little ones, is a yearly Christmas lights tour. We would always get in the car on Christmas Eve and drive around looking at the Christmas lights on the neighborhood houses. There is also a festival of lights here that we love going to, if you have one near you and the hours coincide with when you want to start your tradition I say do it! It’s a beautiful way to spend an evening and the kids always get excited about Christmas lights!

Gingerbread House

Photo Courtesy of Free Digital Photos

4) Building Gingerbread houses can be incredibly fun and something the kids will enjoy from the time they are toddlers! It’s quality time and the perfect Christmas Eve project! You can get inexpensive Gingerbread House kits at various retailers and let the fun begin!

Birthday Cake and Candles

Photo Courtesy of Free Digital Photos

5) Bake a cake in celebration of Jesus’ birthday. I love finding ways to show my children that Christmas is not just about gifts. Family time, quality activities, and baking a cake in recognition of Jesus’ birthday are all things that do just that and they kids will love! Kids love baking and decorating cakes, let them have at it and celebrate the reason for the season!

What traditions do you have or do you plan on starting this year? It’s not too late, go ahead and do it! You’ll be happy you did!

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  1. Britni Bradford says:

    We do most of these. Love the table runner too! We eat the cake for breakfast on Christmas morning – along with a little fruit. Totally healthy =P but a huge hit with our daughter. She loves blowing the candles out, especially after a month of blowing out the advent wreath.

  2. Merry Christmas love the Christmas Eve Gift Box of Activities idea.

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