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Movie Concessions for 533 – A Fun Infographic #DeliveryManMovie

These days taking a family of 4-5 to a movie can be expensive when you think movie concessions and tickets. With the release of Delivery Man yesterday I thought I’d share a fun infographic with my you all! I’ve mentioned before that I fell in love with Delivery Man when I saw it in July at a special screening. I’ve been waiting for this weekend to come so all of you can see it, too! To celebrate, we’re going to have some fun! I was an accounting major in college so I am definitely a numbers person so seeing these numbers was quite intriguing!

Imagine being David Wozniak…533 children to take to a movie. Can you imagine that expense!? I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t go to the movie often! haha! Check out the numbers of the amounts of movie concessions they would need:

Delivery Man concessionsMy only question is: didn’t everyone want a drink? haha! 300 drinks seems like way too little! 😉 I don’t think David and his family will be visiting the theater often, do you? haha! Those are some crazy numbers to imagine…the only other thing I’d like to see – the total price for all of this! Whoa!!!!

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Delivery Man is in theaters now!! It’s the perfect excuse for a date night, mamas!  What movie concessions are you going to get!? Yum!!

2016 Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Slate
Delivery Man in Theaters November 22 - Don't Miss It!! #DeliveryManMovie

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