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Joovy’s Caboose Too – A Dream for Parents of Twins or Two Close In Age!

When LA was born in 2010 my husband and I knew we wanted more kids and soon. We are both getting “older” when it comes to having kids so we wanted to have our little ones close together. Plus, our oldest one was like an only child and he always wanted siblings growing up so we wanted to make sure LA had siblings close to his age. LA and Addy are 19 months apart and Addy will be 24 months older than baby when she arrives. We definitely need a double stroller in this family so I was thrilled to receive the Caboose Too from Joovy for review!

Holiday Gift Guide 2013
This is the ideal gift for a family with a toddler and expecting another baby! The Joovy Caboose Too Ultralight Stand-On Tandem Stroller will make life so much easier to get the little ones around and for the parents to accomplish tasks outside of the house!

The Joovy Cabose Too

Caboose TooThe Caboose too can be used in a variety of ways! There is a removable seat for the back. When the seat is on, both babies/toddlers can sit in the stroller. The two full-size seats both recline, the front seat has a 3-position recline and rear seat has a 130 degree recline. When removed, the back child can either sit or stand…if your little one is anything like ours, the standing step will get used often because he wants to stand and look around! When standing there are handles that the little one can hold on to for safety. When sitting there is a safety belt. The front seat has the safety belt that goes around the waist and over the shoulders.

Joovy Caboose Features

Parent Help from JoovyThe parent organizer is easily removable, but who would want to!? The front of the pocket is great for drinks and any other small items you need to carry with you when out and about. The back has a zipped up pocket that works great for cell phones, keys and small wallets! It’s a parent’s dream come true!

Caboose Too Features

The features are out of this world! There really are so many on this stroller that I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t love this stroller! The canopy is something I love because you can “lock” it in place with the push down knob! Addy always likes to pull and push back canopies so this really helps to keep her covered! The basket even has outside pickets for super easy access when you need to put something in quickly and easily. The Joovy Caboose Too is now our go-to double stroller and the one that stays in our van! With a weight of just over 21 lbs. (and 23 pounds with the second full-size seat installed) it’s even easy for this preggo mama to fold and put in the car in case hubby isn’t with me!

Easy to Use Joovy Caboose Too

Joovy BreaksThe breaks are easily accessible. That’s another thing I love about the Joovy Caboose! The easy of use is definitely a must for parents with two little ones! You simply press down on the break to stop and push up to release! Easy as can be!

Caboose Too Infant SeatYou can also use this with an infant carrier on the front. This is going to be perfect for us when baby A arrives! We’ll be able to use it with her and Addy! Installing the infant bar is as easy as 1…2…3! It really is! You remove the tray in front, snap in the infant bar in it’s place, place the infant seat on the front and use the hidden red safety belt from the side pocket to secure the infant carrier!

With the ability to accommodate two children up to 90 pounds, the Caboose Too is a fabulous pick for a holiday gift! It’s perfect for twins or two children close in age! It can grow with your babies and is easy to use! It really is a parent’s dream! We <3 Joovy!

Purchase: You can purchase the Caboose Too in a variety of colors from a local retailer or from the Joovy website. The stroller is available for approximately $299.99.

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