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Get a Better Night’s Sleep with the Sealy Sweet Pea Nursing & Maternity Pillow

Welcome to the 2013 Holiday Gift Guide with Mama on a Green Mission! The first item up for suggestion is for those expectant mamas in your life! Or, if you are pregnant be sure to add this to your wish list! I have found the most amazing maternity pillow that will give pregnant mamas a better night’s sleep and you’ll definitely want to take note!

Holiday Gift Guide 2013
I’m about half way through my 25th week of being pregnant with baby A. I’ve had lots of “tossing and turning” nights and my hips have been hurting. I have been searching for a few things at this stage. With my growing body, I definitely need some affordable maternity clothes but also a maternity pillow to help with the rough nights. I recently came across the Sealy Sweet Pea 2-in-1 Pillow. I love being a Kolcraft mom because they kindly sent me one for review so I could test it out and hopefully get a better night’s sleep with less pain.

Multifunctional Sweet Pea

One thing I truly love is when a product is multifunctional. This pillow is used not only during your maternity stage, but is also used after baby is born as a nursing/feeding pillow! It has a tapered end that is perfect for nursing or bottle feeding positions as it keeps your newborn close and comfortable! I can’t wait to try it out with baby, but for now I am loving the maternity use! I’ve also used this as back support when I’m relaxing in bed and sitting up! It’s firmness makes it a great option for this, too! See, I told you it was multifunctional!

Sweet Pea as a Maternity Pillow

Maternity Pillow
The Sweet Pea Pillow has a 2-tiered peapod design that contours to a pregnant woman’s body offering supportive sleep positions. (I couldn’t get the pillow case to unzip so I am using my hand in the above photo to show the end that is less full). It has a fuller end that helps in aligning the tummy, hips, knees and lower back to alleviate discomfort and pain during sleep in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters. I’ve been using this pillow for just about two weeks now and it’s made a big difference. I can honestly say that I am sleeping better and definitely don’t toss and turn as often. My hips aren’t hurting either, which is a big plus for me! I’ve fallen in love with the Sweet Pea Pillow! <3 When I received the pillow, I was surprised at the weight and firmness of the pillow. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not TOO heavy, but it’s definitely a pillow that you can feel the firmness in when you touch it. I love the amount of support in this pillow. When I was pregnant with Addy I used another “maternity” pillow and it was lightweight and easily seemed to flatten (maybe that’s because I am a bigger woman) but this pillow has not done that at all. It’s been a dream!

The pillow case that it comes in is removable and both pillow and case are washable!! I did have a rough time getting the zipper to unzip on mine, but I’m sure that’s not normal. Being able to wash both pieces is definitely a plus, especially once baby arrives and you’ll experience those spit up moments. I do wish the cappuccino colored pillow case was available in different colors, but we are lucky that it does match the comforter on our bed! 🙂 I just like other color offerings because I am totally into the pink/girly type things! haha! The pillow does measure larger than many nursing pillows I’ve used in the past, which I think makes it an amazing choice for us plus sized women! It doesn’t wrap around your waist like others, it simply hugs your body! The pillow is 37″ long by 21″ wide.

Overall, I have to say I am 150% thrilled with the Sweet Pea 2-in-1 Pillow. It’s been amazing after just one week and I know I will use it for the rest of this pregnancy and beyond during our time nursing. It’s a fabulous gift choice for those expectant mamas and will definitely give them some well deserved rest!

Sealy Maternity PillowHAHA! I just had to include this photo in the review because it shows my baby bump – – yup, that black round part is my baby bump!!! I was really just trying to get a shot of the pillow and this is what I found on the camera! 😉

Purchase: You can purchase your own Sweet Pea pillow for the approximate cost of $59.99 at local Buy Buy Baby retailers or online at Amazon, Buy Buy Baby or Target.

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  1. Love the pic with just a peek of your bump. 🙂 I’m pregnant with my second and after having such a hard time sleeping last time I was pregnant, I’d love to get my hands on this beauty!

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