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Cleaning Made Easy with the Shark Sonic Duo

This pregnant mama is always looking for products that will make cleaning easier since these days I don’t feel up to doing much of it. We used to have one of those “mop” type cleaners that used the pads. You had to keep buying the pads and throw each away after use. I kind of gave up on that one because it wasn’t the greenest option and well, I just wasn’t all that satisfied with it. When the kind folks at Shark offered to send us the Sonic Duo carpet and floor cleaner for review I was thrilled. It was two products in one and had reusable pads!

When we received the package everything we needed to get started was included. See all of the items included below:

Shark Duo SonicThe various cleaning pads were all included along with the bottles and cleaners that we would need, and the bottom tray to rest the Shark Duo on when not in use. The cleaners included are the carpet cleaner, the pretreater for carpet stains and odor remover and the wood and hard floor cleaner.

Shark Duo Cleaning PadsThe cleaning pads are so easy to use! As you can see, you can simply step on the tag and pick up the machine for easy removal! The pad on the right is the carpet cleaning pad, you can see it’s various textures to help work into the stains for removal. The Sonic Duo’s performance is amplified with it’s 1,000 scrubs per minute and it moves back and forth on your floors.

Shark Duo Hard FloorsMy husband kindly modeled in these pics so I could be the photographer. 🙂 When cleaning kitchen floors there is definitely much less effort needed. Of course, I was scrubbing on my hands and knees prior to the Shark arriving so you can imagine my excitement with this easy to use amazing cleaner! We love the “headlights” and the ease of pushing one button when we need the cleaner to release onto the floor. The handle is highly maneuverable and makes you want to dance along with the movement it’s so fun and easy!

Shark carpet cleanerWe used it to clean carpets, too. I wasn’t sure about using this on the carpets with the cleaning pads. It was definitely different than what I had used before. Best of all, it was easy! The movement of the scrubbing pads is all automated by the machine so all I needed to do was maneuver the handle to the place I wanted cleaned and press the cleaner release button when needed. Easy peasy! You can also see in the right photo above how the handle moves at great angles to help clean the areas you need to clean.

Stain Remover SharkYou can see our before and after photos above from the spots we cleaned on our bedroom carpet. The top spot is much, much lighter, although it wasn’t removed completely. This is after one treatment so I think we’ll do it again. The other stains aren’t even visible! I think it made a great improvement on the carpet!

I love that the pads are removable and washable! The cleaning bottles that attach to the Shark Sonic Duo are also reusable. You fill the bottle with water to the water line and then fill to the second line on the bottle with the cleaner. It’s easy to make the solution and great that the items needed can be reused! Reuse, reuse, reuse!! 🙂 The Sonic Duo is so easy to use and serves two purposes: hard floor cleaning and carpet cleaning. It works great for both things and has made my cleaning routine much easier! I’ve found a new love! 😉

Purchase: You can purchase your own Shark Sonic Duo online at various retailers for approximately $199.

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  1. Michelle S says:

    That has a lot of components to it, but I love the modern look of it! More surface area on the machine itself, but glad it had a dual purpose.

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