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Menu Challenge Monday – October 28

It’s been a bad week. I’m just not doing well on my menu’s at all for the past few weeks. I’ve got to find some motivation and get back on track.

Last week…

Monday: Lasagna (left over from Sunday) This happened.

Tuesday: Kielbasa, Sauerkraut and Mashed Potatoes This did not happen. I had a very lazy night and didn’t feel up to cooking. We picked up food on the way home so I could relax a bit in the evening.

Wednesday: Chicken and biscuits with mashed potatoes. This did not happen. I forgot when planning this that hubby and I were going to the Josh Groban concert this evening and needless to say, we didn’t have time for cooking at home. We grabbed a pizza at the concert, which was a huge waste of money.

Thursday: Will probably be our eat out day. Yes, this happened…third eat out day in a row. 🙁

Friday: Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup This did not happen, however, we DID eat at home! We had sauerkraut, kielbasa and mashed potatoes.

Saturday: Breakfast for Dinner! This did not happen. I did not feel like breakfast for dinner.  Again though, we did eat at home! We had frozen pizza (hubby and I) and the kids had corn dogs, grapes and mac n cheese.

Sunday: Taco Casserole This happened!!!! Woohoo!!!!!!! lol

I’m counting all cooked at home meals as a success at this point. Four success, three fail. Ugh.Same as last week. This week I’ll do much better! Promise!

Menu Challenge Button

As I sit here with my meals that I planned for the next two weeks I’m so indecisive. I don’t know what I want to eat each day so I hope that doesn’t make it even harder to stick to this plan.

Here’s the plan for this week:

Monday: Taco Casserole (left over from Sunday)

Tuesday: Chicken, Bacon and Ranch Pizza

Wednesday: Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese

Thursday: Sausage, Noodles and Veggies

Friday: Chicken & Gnocchi Soup with sandwiches (not sure what kind yet)

Saturday: Left over soup/sandwiches

Sunday: Chicken & Biscuit Casserole

I’m really hoping I find my energy soon. I NEED to cook more, I NEED to clean more. I’m still in my second trimester and the third gets worse. I may be in big trouble here.

Do you have any special meals you are planning this week? Do you do a weekly meal plan? Is it easy for you to stick to it?


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  1. Jennifer M says:

    Ugh. It’s really hard to meal plan pregnant. You never know what you’re going to want at any given moment.

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