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Costumes and Halloween, Our Dilemma

Trick-or-Treating doesn’t happen in our neighborhood. I’m not sure why, but it’s never happened since we’ve lived here. I’ve not been the best planner in recent years but this year I know I have to figure something out for the kids’ costumes. They will be in daycare the day of Halloween, so even if we don’t Trick-or-Treat in our neighborhood they will have a celebration to enjoy. Here it is ten days before Halloween and I’ve yet to figure out what they will be for Halloween. Am I the only procrastinator?

Earlier today I started looking on Pinterest for homemade costume ideas. There were a few cute things here and there, but nothing I really thought I could do with my limited time before Halloween arrives. Many of the costumes I saw were geared towards adults anyway. Which that then reminded me of a Halloween party we have at my job on the 31st, too! Am I crazy for not thinking ahead and planning this stuff earlier? Not only do I have the kids to figure out, I have to come up with something for me, too! Ugh. A blog that I read often recently had an adorable post on 20 Pregnant Halloween Costume Ideas, so after looking at that again I think I’ve decided on the baby x-ray costume if I can find it all locally since I’ve waited til practically the last minute. Eeekkk!

Our Kids’ Costumes

So, back to the dilemma for the kids’. Well, I really debated on whether or not to even get them costumes this year. I know, what a downer I am! haha! I’ve now decided that since they have the Halloween party at daycare anyway we need to find a local event to take them to and get our money’s worth out of the costumes we buy. After researching more online I came across some super cute kids costumes and thought I’d made some last minute purchases. We decided on a Princess Jasmine costume for Addy and muscle Batman for LA (since he’s developed a slight obsession with Batman recently!).

Kids CostumesHave you waited til the last minute or have you had costumes planned for months? What are your little ones going to dress up as for Halloween this year?

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  1. I’m a procrastinator, too! We have a halloween party we’re attending on Saturday and I still have no idea what to wear. Hubby wants to do a Goonies theme…. although I’m not entirely sure how to do that. Good luck figuring out your costumes, I think the baby x-ray idea sounds cute.

  2. I’m right there with you! I just ran to Target today after work and snatched up some costumes for my girls at 20% off. I find it so hard to spend money on something they are going to wear like once so now I have to find some other local events as well.

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