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Poster Frames Have Me Thinking About Christmas, Already!

Have you thought about Christmas shopping/gifts yet? Every time school starts I try to get into the mode of thinking about gifts. I do this so we can plan accordingly and get a few gifts at a time rather than gifts for everyone in the few weeks before Christmas. It not only prevents excess spending, credit card use during December, but it prevents much of the stress that can come with holiday shopping. We have time to plan each gift, put thought into it and get our loved ones something unique and personal. The first gift I’ve been consider is something unique for my dad. Believe it or not, it’s poster frames!

The Unique Gift

Yes, poster frames. My dad is an avid old movie poster collector. Right now he has a bunch rolled up in the corner of his office. My mom has been getting on him for some time now about doing something with them because she’s tired of seeing them. Well, me being me, I want to solve this problem for my mom while doing something nice for my dad! It’s a win-win! I did some research on what to do with movie posters to get some ideas and I thought for him it would be best to frame them and hang them either in the basement (his man cave) or in his office. It was really this article I saw on The Beauty of Decorating with Posters that convinced me this was the route to take. They really do look great on the walls!

Finding Poster Frames

So, now that I had my plan I was left with the task of finding some poster frames. My being me, I am always looking for the best prices I can find so I searched for wholesale poster frames and came across some fabulous looking frames that would go great in their house! My first gift has already been thought out and bought and school just started this week! I’m so happy to have my holiday shopping started and can’t wait to move on to the next recipient on my list to find something unique for her, too!

Have you started holiday shopping? Who is toughest to buy for on your list?

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  1. Jennifer Young says:

    Yes, I holiday shop all throughout the year! I already have quite a bit done. My daughters are super easy to shop for. My husband and in-laws are the hardest! I usually have to wait until last minute to buy their presents because I just can’t think of what to get them!

  2. I holiday shop all year long. I go to the target toy clearance in July and that is my Christmas shopping for the kids! I also continue to look for online deals for everyone else. My mom is the hardest to shop for!

  3. movie posters would be fun to frame and put in our new home theater
    deanna recently posted…Expenses, expensesMy Profile

  4. Pinterest keeps making me think of Christmas and everything I want to make now! Poster frames are a unique idea, but make poster look much nicer than they did in our dorm rooms back in the day! Thanks!

  5. I pick up things here and there when I see them on sale for my daughter. Her birthday is in November and then Christmas in December so I just divide what ever I collect for her. But for everyone else I wait a bit longer just because I am not sure what to get and my husband would take his gift early if he found it!

  6. Wow, I haven’t even thought about the holidays yet! I try and get most of my shopping dine in November, but it’s grey if you can plan ahead and do a little bit throughout the year. Kudos to you!

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