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Nursing Mamas! Check Out the Gia Nursing Pillow from Dr. Browns

You all know I am a nursing advocate. I’ve nursed three babies and I will be nursing our fourth with she arrives in February. There are so many products on the market today to make nursing more comfortable for us mamas, including various breastfeeding pillows. When I was in Chicago for BlogHer I was able to meet with a representative of Dr Browns and I was able to check out their new Gia Breastfeeding Pillow. I also recently received one, along with a cover, to tell you my thoughts!

Accessorize with Dr Brown’s Gia Nursing Pillow

The first thing I noticed about the Gia nursing pillow was the sleek design and the adorable covers! We all want something cute/pretty to look at when we are nursing so many times each day. Of course, we have our baby, but accessories are always a plus!I received the Gia pillow along with the Mia cover. The angled pillow was designed by a lactation consultant. The covers are embroidered for a unique and gorgeous look!

Gia Nursing Comparison
I really can’t wait to use this with baby A. I’ve put it on my lap and laid Addy across the pillow and I can really see how helpful this will be when nursing a baby. It is very firm and comfortable. The part of the pillow where baby lays is actually wider than many other nursing pillows assuring baby has room to move without the worry of falling! The pillow’s patented angled design positions baby at an incline, which may help aid digestion and help prevent reflux. The design is truly brilliant! Even my toddlers love the Gia pillow! They’ve been laying on it whenever they get the chance! Although the pillow can be used with or without the cover, I am thrilled to have a cover.

Mia Print Nursing Pillow Cover

Mia Nursing Pillow Cover
The cover is so pretty in person! I already loved butterflies, but the embroidered butterflies on this cover are truly the cutest! It gets even better, too! Both the Dr Brown’s Gia pillow and cover are machine washable!! That’s a new mama’s dream (and a necessity!).

Purchase: You can purchase your own Gia pillow and cover from a local Dr Brown’s retailer or you can also purchase them online.

Win! You can enter to win a Gia nursing pillow and cover in the Ready to Pop Hop going on now!

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  1. I love this shape…the Boppy kept popping off my plus sized body. This would fit better!

  2. I only used a nursing pillow the first few days and then I just used a pillow or armrest. This nursing pillow looks nice, but it seems like it is just a hassle to flip when you change sides.

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