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Getting Comfy While Eating in the Joovy Nook

We’ve been through our fair share of high chairs. We were lucky with our older son and bought one when I was pregnant with him and it worked out great for our needs. Now, it’s a total different ballpark. We’ve been through some high chairs and I’ve found only a couple that I like that offer some of my favorite features. When Joovy recently sent us their Nook high chair for review I was excited and nervous. I WANTED to love it, after all…it is JOOVY. But WOULD I really love it? We’ve been putting it to the test the past few weeks so let me tell you all about it!

Joovy Logo
In the words of Joovy: “In the daily grind of parenthood, it’s the little things that help so much.” They made sure to pay close attention to those little details to make our lives easier. Joovy is great about that. All of their products we’ve tried have been a hit with our family! They are definitely one of the companies I highly recommend to new parents. The Joovy Nook is available in four colors: Black, Orangie, Greenie and White and has many features we love. The high chair is recommended for 6 months and older and has a maximum weight limit of 50 pounds. The chair itself weighs 15 pounds, which can be easily picked up by this pregnant mama (I am used to toting Addy around though and she’s 24 pounds!) Here are the top five parent-friendly features I love about the Nook.

Look at the Nook and My Favorite Features!


  • The Nook folds completely flat with one hand. Oh. Em. Gee. Can we say heaven!? This has got to be, hands down, the BEST thing they could have done for me with this high chair. As a busy mama of two toddlers and pregnant, this truly is a dream come true. It’s come in handy so many times in just two weeks I can’t even begin to tell you. It folds flat in literally seconds and isn’t too heavy for this pregnant mama to lift! Also, with a smaller house it’s been amazing to fold the high chair and store it in the closet or in the corner of a room while not in use! Can we say LOVE!!? This feature alone makes this chair a must have, but that’s not the only reason I love it!
  • Joovy Nook Removable TrayThe tray has a removable insert that is DISHWASHER SAFE!!! Woohoo!!! Dishwasher safe is a must in this house with our busy schedules. Who has time to hand wash things? 😉 We’ve ran our through the dishwasher on the top rack and had no issues whatsoever! Thumbs up, Joovy!
  • Easy Removable Tray with the Joovy NookThe tray is also a one-hand tray meaning you only need to have one free hand to open the tray and put baby/toddler in! It’s perfect for when you are carrying baby to the table, you don’t have to put her down to get the tray open! It’s super easy to use!

Removable, Washable Seat Cover on Nook

  • The seat cover is completely removable to wipe clean and can be put in the washer to clean for those super duper messes!! Another PERFECT feature on the Nook! We all know babies/toddlers can be rather messy and even get sick in their high chair on occasion. This is the perfect answer to those messes: remove it, wash it. End of story! 😉

Joovy's Nook and the 5-Point Harness

  • The 5-point harness…it keeps Addy and LA in the seat safely! I know one problem we had with an older seat we had was that LA could get out of the safety belt and would try to climb out of the seat! Not good and Joovy makes sure this harness keeps our little ones safe!

The Look of the Joovy Nook

Although it’s not in my top five, I can’t ignore another thing I love about it: the look of the Nook. Yes, ladies… Joovy has done it again in the style category. They’ve won my heart over and I adore the look of this high chair. It’s modern, sleek and functional…it doesn’t get any better! <3

You can see that Joovy has not disappointed. They have the bar set so high for their products that I am sometimes afraid to get a new one just in case I don’t love it. At this point though, I don’t see that happening. They seem to know just what parents need AND want and they fulfill all! Their products are not only parent-friendly and functional, they are durable and last through several children! That’s definitely an investment worth making!

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Purchase: You can purchase the Joovy Dood sippy cups on the Joovy.com website or at a Joovy retailer near you!

What are your favorite features of the Nook?


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  1. Great review! We loved ours as well. We had the greenie! 🙂
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