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gDiapers Just Launched New Designs!

gDiapers were some of the first cloth diapers I tried and loved. When I first considered cloth, gDiapers were what I had thought about going with 100%. I love their options and their fit. I’ve been a fan for several years now and when they started launching clothing to match select gPants I was in heaven! We’ve gotten a few of the dresses with matching gPants for Addy and have loved all of them! I get excited every time I hear they are about to launch new prints because that means more cuteness! gDiapers really does a fabulous job with keeping their designs stylish and fun! I’m thrilled to be partnering with them on their latest announcement to share my thoughts on some new items they sent me for review. Just wait til you see what they just launched!

There are a few new pieces of clothing in the gDiapers line: a gLotus dress and gVeggie tee, both with matching gPants AND gLegs! They’ve also just released two new colors of gPants with Grecian Fig and Greyhound Grey!  Take a look below at these fabulous new designs from gDiapers!

gDiapers gLotus dress and gPantsHere’s the gLotus dress and matching gPants! <3

gVeggie gPants and gShirtThis is an adorable gVeggie tee with matching gPants, isn’t it?!

gLegs and new gDiaper solid colorsAnd, here are the new solid colors of gPants with the gLegs that match the gVeggie and gLotus prints! Aren’t they adorable!?

We received the gLotus dress and gLotus gPant for review and I was so excited to get my hands on these! I adore the color and the print so it was one of those things I knew would be better in person…and it is!  <3

Addy in gLotusAddy is kind of in-between sizes right now so the dress is a bit big on her but still adorable! You can see she was quite happy to model her new cuteness! The top, center of the dress reads “Live simply”, which I love! The dress is 92% cotton and 8% spandex, which gives it just the right amount of strechy-comfort! The dress is machine washable, which is a dream for all parents! 🙂

gDiapersIf you’ve not tried gDiapers, let me just tell you how amazing they are! <3 We have about 9 in our rotation right now and I love the versatility of them. We use these often when traveling or just going to see family for the weekend. You have the gPant and you simply snap in the pouch. The pouch then holds either the cloth liner or the disposable liner. They both fit in the pouch perfectly! We typically use the disposable liners when traveling. They can be flushed, composted (wet only) or tossed. You can continue using the gPant and liner provided they didn’t get soiled. The cloth inserts are made of two layers of microfleece and two layers of hemp/cotton. Note: The cloth insert does not go into the pouch as shown with the hemp/cotton side up…the microfleece side goes against baby. The photo just happened to have the hemp/cotton side up and this is no indication of how to put the diaper on baby, it is intended to show the product and it’s size next to the pouch. Both inserts are available in various sizes for your little one!

gDiapers proudly released these new prints and colors yesterday (September 24) so be sure to rush to their site and order yours before they are gone! These limited edition prints don’t stay around forever! 🙂

Purchase: You can purchase your own gPants, gVeggie tee, gLotus dress or any of the above items on the gDiapers website!

Win! gDiapers is giving YOU the chance to win right here at Mama on a Green Mission!! Winner gets their choice of either of the following:

1. gLotus dress and gPants in the size of their choice
2. gVeggie top and gPants in the size of their choice
Fill out the entry form below for your chance to win!
Disclosure: Giveaway is limited to US/CAN residents 18 years of age and above. Winner will be contacted by email and given 48 hours to claim prize before a new winner is selected. Your entry confirms that you understand and agree that Mama on a Green Mission is not responsible for shipping of the prize or any incidents that may occur because of the prize.
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  1. LOVE the gLotus dress and matching gPants! So cute!

  2. I’m most excited about the gVeggie top and gPants! My good friend just found out she’s pregnant with her first baby, and she’s always wanted to try gDiapers. I’d love to be able to give her a cute gDiapers gift!

  3. I am so excited about the veggie shirt and matching pants! I need this for my little one! Just two more weeks til my delivery!

  4. Julie Ghrist says:

    love the gLotus Dress and matching diaper

  5. I love the gVeggie top and gPants! My little one in gPants right now is a girl, but I just really like the graphics on the t and the pant.
    Dana Schmoyer recently posted…I May be CRAZYMy Profile

  6. Christina Marie says:

    I’m most excited about the gVeggie shirt and gPants. Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. Holly M. Davis says:

    I’m loving the gVeggie gPants! Will be buying it soon.

  8. Love gDiapers. The new fall colors are adorable!

  9. I love the gVeggie pants!!! And the lotus pants too!

  10. Amanda Kail says:

    So cute!

  11. Amanda Kail says:

    I love the gLotus dress and the hybrid options. <3

  12. Emily Whitmore says:

    Love the veggie tee and matching pants!

  13. amanda Geer says:

    I LOVE the gveggie!!!

  14. Mary Ann P. says:

    I really like the new colors. My 2-month old is just about ready to go up a size! 🙂

  15. the love me some veggies top and matching diaper are so so so incredibly cute!!

  16. Stevie Kinnear says:

    So excited about these!! I thought I was the only one with an obsession with baby leg warmers. Their new line is ADORABLE! I’m pretty stinkin excited about the gPants for my little dude

  17. Is it just me or did she take a pic of the cloth liner inserted upside down inside the gpouch??

    • Hi Kara! Thanks for stopping by! It’s not just you…it was showing upside down. The photo wasn’t intended as a “how-to put diaper on baby”, more so an example of the sizing but I can see how it was confused. I have updated the wording and photo to prevent any confusion. 🙂

  18. Kasi Brashear says:

    I can’t wait to see her little booty in a pair of the gLotus. I don’t know of her fat little legs could fit in the leggings though 🙂

  19. Shelley F says:

    My boy would be very cute in the gVeggie top and matching gPants. He is a veggie lover, so it would be perfect!

  20. Imuhsuperstar says:

    Love the glotus gpant and dress! 🙂

  21. beccah larsen says:

    Love both the love me some veggies and the glotus dress! Can’t decide which one I like best!

  22. OOO I love the veggie one, so cute!!

  23. Rebecca S says:

    Have been wanting to try out gDiapers for a while now. You’ve give me one more reason to go for it!

  24. Aimee Gordon says:

    So excited about the gLotus dress set! Just lovely! P.S. Your cloth insert is upside down. The white microfiber fleece goes against baby’s bum. Hemp side down. ♥

    • Thank you! 😉 Photos and wording have been updated to prevent confusion. I didn’t mean it to be an example of how to put diaper on baby but I can see how it was confused by my photo.

  25. I love GDiapers!! I am in love with the veggie print. I did notice, however, that in cloth insert in the picture is upside down. Fuzzy side goes against babies bum 🙂

    • Thanks Katie. The photo will be updated to prevent any confusion. I was really just intending to show the sizing and how well it fits in the shell, not how to put it on baby. 🙂

  26. Jessica Pechacek says:

    gLotus gPant!!!

  27. Kara Rotella says:

    The gLotus pant and the veggie shirt!

  28. Victoria Schimming says:

    I love the new lotus g-pant! What an awesome giveaway.

  29. I LOVE the gVeggie pant… it is too cute!

  30. Demi-Brooke says:

    the vegetable set is absolutely killing me! love the colors as well. xx

  31. I love gDiapers! And the new matching clothes are incredibly cute. I also commented on the Boba Wrap and Boba Giveway post under the name Laura

  32. I love them both! But if I had to pick I would go with the lotus pant and outfit. I love love love the leggings, so happy they have started doing those.

  33. sarah meyer says:

    love the lotus new g-pant!

  34. Love the grey gpants and veggie shirt.

  35. I’m really excited about those little leggings, and the glotus!

  36. Kelly LeHew says:

    I love the gVeggie tee and matching grants!

  37. Lacey Eckstein says:

    love that lotus dress!

  38. Catherine BW says:

    Interested to see the lotus dress and see what the quality is like.

  39. Brenna Cutting says:

    I love the veggie shirt and matching gpant!!!

  40. I love the gVeggie shirt and pants. It is adorable!

  41. gVeggie pants!

  42. We first tried gDiapers 4 years ago when our first fostered ‘grandson’ was staying with us and we just fell in love with them. We used them again when just a few years later we were able to faster a ‘granddaughter’. We have loved them ever since! My biological grandson Levi was born just this April and the first thing on his little bum in the hospital was a gDiaper! As babies do he is quickly outgrowing his stash ~ time to suit him up in gVeggie!

  43. Just saw your post http://www.maggiebags.net/2012/08/diapering-eco-nomics/ and it was great! My hubby and I were just talking about the $ aspect the other day and ended up with ‘Well, regardless of the specifics we know we’re saving money.” Thanks for the specifics!!!

  44. Rachel Gullett says:

    This is my first new gstyle! I love the Lotus and the Veggie, but the glegs for the Lotus are TOO CUTE! 🙂

  45. Lauren S. says:

    I love gdiapers and would love the gVeggie T and matching pants!!!

  46. I love the new lotus gdiaper and matching dress!

  47. I’m excited about the gVeggie top and gPants

  48. I love the gveggie! I need to have one!

  49. Melissa Lavigne says:

    I love the veggie diaper and shirt! Thinking of starting g diapers and this would be the perfect way 🙂

  50. Lindsey Doepker says:

    clothe diaper

  51. Catherine says:

    I love the veggie gpants!

  52. Victoria W. says:

    Love the adorable little legs. Really completes with the veggie shirt and diaper!

  53. I like the gLegs that go with the gPants and veggie tee, how cute!

    I have a few gPants to try with my newborn but it didn’t come with any inserts – do you think it would work if I used a newborn prefold inside the pouch?
    Rachel R. recently posted…Hygeia Enjoye Double Electric Breast Pump ReviewMy Profile

    • We love gDiapers, especially for travel! I would think a prefold would work inside of the pouch but I’ve never tried it. It looks to me like it would fit just fine! 🙂

  54. Andrea Mc says:

    I love the gLotus pant.

  55. The veggie tee and pants are my favorite!

  56. glotus dress is adorable!

  57. I love the gLegs! But if I had to choose a prize I would choose the gVeggie pants and tee.

  58. I like the glegs and the gveggie

  59. Charlotte R says:

    I really like the gLotus dress!

  60. beki lozano says:

    g-pants awesome!!

  61. Teri Sanders says:

    I like the Greyhound Grey diaper!

  62. Vivian S. says:

    Love the gLotus dress!

  63. Amanda Selenke says:

    gVeggie! Wish I had a girl, I love the lotus design

  64. I love the gVeggie diapers.

  65. I’m most excited about the gVeggie top and gPants…they are adorable!

  66. love the matching gdiaper/pants! so cute!

  67. I’m most excited about the gVeggie t-shirt with the matching diaper.

  68. Mary Beth says:

    gLotus dress and pants outfit is adorable

  69. Joelle S. says:

    I’m in love with the gLotus dress!!

  70. I love the gVeggie top and gPants

  71. Catherine BW says:

    Like the veggie pants

  72. i am most excited about the gDiapers!!!

  73. the gVeggie gPants

  74. Michelle Lee says:

    I’m most excited about the gLotus dress.

  75. eleah salomons says:

    veggie shirt and pants!

  76. Excited about the dress and matching diaper!

  77. Wendy Mastin says:

    I’m excited about the gpants in Greyhound Grey

  78. I am most excited about the veggie pants! I love my gDiapers!
    AlannaB recently posted…Make Traveling Easier With A Baltic Amber Necklace From Jack’s Choice! #BabyTravels #Giveaway (US 10/21)My Profile

  79. Holly Corbett says:

    i really want to try the gPants with the gLegs. It’s hard to find stuff like this for little boys!

  80. I’m excited about the glotus set! So cute it has matching leggings too.
    Laura B recently posted…Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

  81. Jeannette Mills says:

    The gVeggie tee with matching gPants is absolutely ADORABLE!! I haven’t ever used gDiapers but I really like the look of them and the way the cover works!

  82. I love the gVeggie tee and gPants with the gLegs. So adorable!

  83. Love the veggie set! Those glegs are so cute.

  84. I love the Lotus g Diaper, so stinkin cute!

  85. actuallykristen says:

    I’m most excited about the the gLotus Dress and matching diaper


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