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Bonding with Baby, Toddler and Beyond

I think every mother wonders, when pregnant, how will I bond with baby? Will I bond with baby? Bonding with baby is such an important part of the newborn stage and for most, it comes naturally. What are my favorite ways to bond with baby? There are several things that I not only do, but I also recommend to new mamas!

Bonding with Newborns

    • One great bonding experience I’ve been blessed to have with all three of my children is breastfeeding. All three of my children have been great nursers and although there were times I worried about my milk supply, I was able to nurse them successfully. Nursing time IS bonding time. I cannot explain the bond you feel when you are supplying your baby’s nutrition, their comfort, their peace…that along with staring into their adoring eyes. It’s beyond special.
    • Another way I love bonding with my newborn baby is skin to skin contact. Skin to skin contact is important not only for the first hour or two after birth, but for the first weeks of a baby’s life. It’s also an incredible bonding experience because baby is happier, heart rate and body temperature are both more stable. Being close to mama is baby’s natural habitat and it can even help baby latch better when nursing.
    • Talking, singing, smiling…interaction with baby is bonding, too. Talking to baby creates a bond. Tell baby how much he/she is loved, what you love about him/her, what you have planned for the day, etc. As long as it’s loving and positive there is nothing wrong with what you are saying! Singing lullabies and little I love yous also make moments special. Let baby see you smile, laugh and be happy. Happiness is good for everyone, even babies!
    • Babywearing – certainly a very important part of our lives. Hubby and I both babywear and have enjoyed every moment of it. Our three year old still wants to be worn when he sees us getting the carrier out. When our babies were newborns I loved using our Boba wrap. I love that Boba has organic options available, too! After the newborn stage, we often use our Boba soft structured carrier. Keeping baby close letting them feel your warmth is a bond that is out of this world. Nursing while babywearing is also a great part of the bond. It allows you to nurse baby hands free. You can also do so many things around the house when bonding (babywearing) since you are hands free!


While we are talking about bonding with babywearing…

Boba Soft Structured Carrier Have you thought about babywearing? One of our favorite places for babywearing products is Boba. Boba is like an all-in-one stop! You can get wraps AND soft structured carriers, accessories and even baby carriers for your toddlers to wear their “baby”! They have a wide range of colors/prints available and they have choices of organic or non-organic.

Outside of bonding with baby, it’s important to keep those bonds you create going.

Bonding with Toddlers

Some may think it’s easier to bond with a newborn with the nursing and skin to skin. Others may think it’s easier to bond with a toddler who can understand your words and communicate verbally with you. It all depends on the kind of person you are and what your comfort levels are in various situations. Here are some ways we bond with our toddlers and plan to continue our bonds throughout the childhood years:

    • Boba Mini Front ViewLet them copy you! Toddlers love to be just like mama or daddy. Let them do just that with things like the Boba Mini. You can see our toddler in the link above wearing his turtle, and Addy has started wearing her baby dolls, too!
    • Arts and Crafts – Toddlers love expressing themselves in new ways. Finding new art or craft projects to do together will strengthen the bond you’ve created.
    • Reassure them – Toddlers go through stages and sometimes need to be reassured. They may be scared, jealous of a sibling, or just not understanding a certain situation. Keep the communication open and reassure them when needed, talk with them and laugh with them when possible!
    • One on One Time – We have two toddlers and a baby on the way. It’s important to let each child know that he/she is important and loved. Hubby and I try to spend alone time with each toddler at least once a week so we can strengthen our individual bonds with them.

How are you establishing a lifetime bond with your baby? Take a look at my Bonding with Baby Pinterest board for ideas on what you can do and feel free to comment and tell me your favorite method of bonding!

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