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4D Ultrasound and Gender Reveal at Baby on Board in Eastpointe, MI

Having an ultrasound is one of the highlights of any pregnancy. I’ve always looked forward to getting a sneak peak at my darling children. My doctor’s office has never had the newer 3/4D ultrasound machines and I’ve always wanted to experience seeing our baby this way. I also wanted to share this information with you mamas because I know being pregnant can be overwhelming and there are so many options and choices. Reading about the options and things that are available can help you all determine what is important to you. The 3/4D ultrasounds are definitely something I suggest splurging on during your pregnancy!

After searching online for some 4D ultrasound places in the local Detroit area I came across a place called Baby on Board in Eastpointe. I contacted them to see if they were open to me reviewing their business and services and was delighted when they agreed. We scheduled an appointment for Saturday and the anticipation began. Hubby kept teasing me all week that he didn’t want to know baby’s gender and I teased right back telling him that was fine, I would go alone and keep it a secret! 😉 Well, of course I wanted him there and he wanted to be there so we arrived at Baby on Board Saturday afternoon for what we were to soon find out would be a huge treat!

Baby on Board 4D UltrasoundThe outside of Baby on Board is very inviting and has the perfect theme for their name: a train. It really is an adorable logo that makes any pregnant mama want to rush right in and see the little one that is “on board”! Walking through the door proved to be even more inviting. The owners of Baby on Board were very  friendly, which made the experience even sweeter. They immediately offered us some bottled water and gave us an introduction of their business. I quickly filled out some paperwork and we were able to go right into the ultrasound room to get started.

ultrasound room When I walked into the room I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable and serene the room is. There is a reclining chair for mama to sit in with a place to put her feet up. There is a couch that accommodates any family members or friends you want to attend the ultrasound. Across the room from mama’s chair is a big screen monitor on the wall to view the ultrasound. They even play relaxing nursery music to set the mood for seeing baby!

Watching your ultrasound at Baby on Board is truly like sitting in a personal home theater watching the best movie of the year!


My ultrasound tech and one of the owners, Joli, began my ultrasound in 2D. This is the typical ultrasound that looks like a black/white image that is most common. Joli explained that they check for gender first and, surprising to me, she said it is easiest to see gender in the 2D image. She said when you get into the 3/4D ultrasounds there is a lot going on and the umbilical cord gets in the way among other things. That made sense when she explained it. Here is one of the 2D images we saw of our sweet baby:

Joli was fabulous in answering my questions and explaining everything she was seeing. I personally had a lot of questions about the ultrasound in general because I’ve secretly always thought that would be an awesome job! 😉 After looking at baby in various positions in the 2D, we got quite the treat and saw our sweet little one in the 3D and 4D. Joli explained that the difference between the 3 and 4 D ultrasounds is that in the 4D ultrasound you can see baby move! It’s like a live shot! And watch baby move, we did! It was amazing!! At just one day shy of 17 weeks, baby was still pretty skeleton-y so we didn’t get the amazing chubby cheeks shots people get later on but it was still absolutely amazing seeing our baby this way! It was seriously an experience we’ll never forget.

4D Ultrasound of baby
Nearly every shot Joli got of baby, baby’s hands were right by the face. There’s even one shot of baby with what appears to be hand under chin and baby posing! 😉 Joli was great at what she does and I was extremely satisfied with our experience at Baby on Board. Seeing baby and finding out that we are having a BABY GIRL was such a treat!! 😉 One of Joli’s business partners, another ultrasound tech sat in on the ultrasound and I love that they consulted one another with their thoughts before blurting out boy or girl! They both thought girl for this baby and were pretty confident! (of course they can’t give a 100% sure answer, but I felt confident in their answer too after seeing their expertise on the job!)

baby images
We received a DVD set to the nursery music we listened to during the ultrasound. We also received some printed photos (you can see Joli explaining the photos to me in the above picture) and a CD with the photos! They also offer the heartbeat animals, which I am so wishing we would have splurged on! They did have a frog after all, and what “green” mama doesn’t love frogs!? 😉 They had a wide selection of animals that they could put the heartbeat recording into and what a great keepsake that would be, that baby would also love!! They also gave us a Baby on Board bag full of baby info, including baby registry at Babies R Us, Enfamil pack, magazines and more!

Baby on Board
After the amazing ultrasound, Joli took us on a tour of the facility and explained all of the different things they offer. I was quite surprised that they offer more than 4D ultrasounds! I guess I never really thought about other things being offered at an ultrasound place but these amazing ladies did, and they really have brilliant ideas!

Baby Shower and Massage
Baby on Board is a “one stop shop” for expecting mamas!

Although offering only 4D ultrasounds would be loved by almost any mama-to-be, Baby on Board has gone above and beyond! They offer prenatal massage (soon they’ll be offering couples massages, too), and even a place for baby showers with viewing of the ultrasound on big screen TV (don’t worry mama’s you’ll be in a private room and no one will see your bare belly, they’ll only see baby on the screen!)! The baby showers can be totally personalized, including water bottle labels, t-shirts and more! The theme can also be decided by the mama-to-be when planning the party! Baby on Board also partners with an event planner and an infant photographer (some of the infant photos are part of the wall decor, it’s adorable!)! You really can do so much in one place to make your pregnancy memorable!

Be sure you check out the ultrasound packages they have to offer so you’ll be ready to schedule your appointment! We were beyond thrilled to visit Baby on Board and we left with amazing memories! The entire plan, beginning to end, was make special by the fabulous owners at Baby on Board! Creating memories for a lifetime is what they do and they are certainly good at what they do! <3 I want to sincerely thank Baby on Board for creating our ultrasound memories of our sweet baby girl!

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  1. Oh wow, that place looks amazing! I love that they brought their theme to the exterior of the building and that they offer prenatal massage. I could totally go for a massage right now! And the baby shower idea with ultrasound? Totally original. Wish we had something like this around here!
    Whitney @ It’s Gravy, Baby! recently posted…mombo Nursing Pillow Review // GiveawayMy Profile

  2. WOW! I am all done having babies but I wish I’d been able to do a 3D or 4D ultrasound, would have been fun!

  3. Danielle @ We Have It All says:

    What a great place! I can’t believe they have so much there, they really cater to expecting, don’t they! I love the way the outside looks to, very inviting. Love all your great shots, so so sweet. Can’t wait to hear if they were right.

  4. I love it! I love the name and all the added bonus. I never had a 3d or 4d ultrasound with any of my four kids but I always wanted to!

  5. Unfortunately for me 4d ultrasounds were not offered during my last pregnancy. Because I was so sick– looking back I think having this type of view would have really helped me to see the end in sight. Thanks for the article!!

  6. So FUN! When I was pregnant, the 4D’s were still so expensive, but they’ve definitely become more affordable! Almost makes me want to have another baby…almost! 🙂
    Jessica recently posted…Friday Favorites!My Profile

  7. How exciting!!!! Congrats on the baby girl!
    That place looks amazing; I love all of the things they offer! I would have loved to have gone to a place like this when I was expecting! Very neat! Glad you got to experience this and share with your readers, especially those local to you who can check it out themselves!
    Alesha @ Full Time Mama recently posted…Stuck On You Personalized Products- Review and #GiveawayMy Profile

  8. What a fun place! I would love to go there! The extras are a nice touch.

  9. Congrats! I have been waiting for your post! I have 3 girls and just love them

  10. What a cool place! So happy you were able to work with them. And awwwweee! YAY for baby girls! Congrats, parents!
    Lauren Weber recently posted…Run or Dye in Hazel Park This SaturdayMy Profile

  11. That is so amazing! I love seeing the pictures. AN ultrasound is such an amazing experience I cannot imagine what it would be like to see the 3D/4D versions in person! I will have to remember this company when/if I expect in the future.
    Ashley Pomykala recently posted…Blog Promotion Through Social Media- What Your Options AreMy Profile

  12. Congrats Mama! They are not too far away from me. I may have to check them out when the time comes! I know I would love to have a 3 or 4 D ultrasound!
    amy recently posted…Stay Dry on your Big Day with Certain DriMy Profile

  13. AWWWWW! This totally makes me want another baby, eeek! And this place looks awesome, great idea to have a baby shower there, how fun!
    Emily @ Baby Dickey recently posted…Bonding with Baby: 5 babywearing benefitsMy Profile

  14. Congrats! Looks like a great place. : ) I was told I was going to get a 3D ultrasound at my perinatologist’s but that didn’t happen. I was going to save up and get one at a local place but it turned out I had to have a lot of scans because of my high risk pregnancy and my age that I didn’t want to expose baby girl to more just to satisfy my need for one.

    My MIL kept saying she was going to send me $50 and insisted I get a 3D/4D US but that wouldn’t even have covered a 2D US.lol. MIL was so insistent because her friends children had them done so even though I wanted one at least I got something out of not having one.lol. I know, I’m evil. XD

  15. Congratulations, it must have been so exciting to see the baby on a 4D. I’ve never tried anything but a regular ultrasound, but I know how excited that makes me.
    JR Frugalmom recently posted…Comment on Betty Crocker Ultimate Potatoes and Ultimate Helper Mixes Giveaway by Andrea WilliamsMy Profile

  16. Congrats on the little girl! Baby on Board looks like a great place and a fun experience!
    Amanda recently posted…Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-ChangesMy Profile

  17. What a cool experience! Congrats on adding another beautiful little lady to your family!

  18. What a fun experience! It’s so cool that they offer so much. I love the idea of the heartbeat in the stuffed animal! So glad you got to see your baby GIRL!!!
    Melissa recently posted…Explain Lice to Kids with Children’s Book Bugs in my Head!My Profile

  19. Loved my 4d ultrasounds. Love looking back at them now that she’s here and comparing.

  20. I can’t believe how far ultrasounds have come! It’s amazing! Looks like a cool place, I will be sure to pass this post along to anyone looking for a 3D/4D ultrasound.
    Alysia recently posted…Book Review: The Good Wife, by Jane PorterMy Profile


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