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Who Left the Lights On? The Blame Game: A Lighting Debate Resolved

Most of us have been on both sides of the “Who Left the Lights On” question. I know, in our home, the finger pointing usually ramps up right around the time the electric bill shows up, and the blame game certainly intensifies when the energy bill starts to spike.  According to a U.S. consumer household lighting behavior study conducted on behalf of lighting control systems developer Lutron Electronics, leaving the lights on in empty rooms is the leading pet peeve for most Americans (yup, I’m one of those people!) when it comes to wasted energy and the expense it produces. In fact, the study showed “Most Americans believe it to be the biggest waste of energy” in their homes, surpassing computers, televisions and even air conditioners.  The culprit tends to be children, but spouses and significant others were also often accused of forgetting to turn off the lights.

Who Left the Lights On?

Lighting Infographic
These findings are particularly relevant to the industry leader in lighting control, Lutron Electronics.  Known for creating the light dimmer, Lutron now makes lighting systems and products that can automatically turn lights on and off when not in use, as well as systems that can be controlled when away from home with the simple touch of a button on a phone or smart pad.
Imagine how much energy we could save if we all had those lights that automatically turned off? I love that as an idea on how to be more green!

Who gets the blame in your house for leaving lights on? How much would you LOVE automatic on/off lights?

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  1. Relevant post – yes, it’s an ongoing household battle reminding everyone to turn off the lights! My kids embraced the fun games from Team Energy Star as one way to remember to do this.

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