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We’ve Ready for Fall with Gymboree’s Adorable Style

We have become huge fans of Gymboree. Their adorable style is always some of the best around and they constantly have new items coming out so everyone can find something (or multiple somethings) that they love. Gymboree helped us get ready for fall (and preschool) when they sent us a gift card to get some items to review. I am thrilled to tell you all about their products and what we got for the little ones!

Gymboree Orange Logo

First, let me just tell you that Gymboree has amazing sales, and quite often! You’ll be surprised at how much you can get on a budget at Gymboree! Back to school shopping can be affordable AND stylish for your little ones! I love the various styles at Gymboree. I’ll be honest, they’ve had some lines I’ve not cared for…but they’ve also had some lines that I ADORE. That’s what is so great about Gymboree: they have new lines coming out often so it really is easy for everyone to find a line (or lines) that they adore.

We were able to get four outfits for the little ones: two for LA and two for Addy. With LA we focused on their Dinosaur line since he adores dinosaurs right now. These clothes make it fun for him when they feature creatures he thinks are super cool!

Gymboree Dinosaur

This dinosaur polo top and pants to match are perfect for fall days!

Glow in the Dark Gymboree

That’s right…you didn’t misread that! This dinosaur top is a glow in the dark shirt! It really is super neat and LA loves it! He is ready to go to preschool in style with his dinosaur shirt and jeans from Gymboree! (Yes, he has a bit of room to grow, which is fine since it’s still pretty hot here in Michigan and he’s been wearing shorts.)

Glamorous Friends from Gymboree

This is one of those lines that I ADORE! The Glamorous Friends line features animal print and aqua color – two of my favorites! This “L” is for Leopard shirt and animal print pants is just too cute! <3

Glamorous Leopard

Here’s that gorgeous aqua color highlighted on the Glamorous Friends line!

Gymboree Shirts

You can see the detail on each of the shirts. Gymboree is so good at making their designs kids friendly, yet sturdy and lasting!

We’ve been nothing but delighted with each piece we’ve ever bought or gotten for review through Gymboree in terms of style and quality. Be sure to check them out when you are doing your back to school shopping and even holiday shopping later this year!

Purchase: You can purchase these as well as many other items from the fall collection at Gymboree online or at a store near you!

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  1. Jennifer Young says:

    I love Gymboree! The clothes are so cute and they are such great quality! I always like to shop their for my nephews as well because I can never find cute boy stuff anywhere else!

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