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Toys for My Airplane Loving Toddler #DisneyPlanesEvent


I’ve talked before about how much LA adores airplanes! When I went to the premiere in Los Angeles  I got a sneak peak at the Disney Planes merchandise I was beyond excited! You see, I saw this merchandise in June and LA’s birthday is in July so I was planning ahead just what I was going to tell people to get him for his birthday! Smart thinking, huh!? 😉

Disney Planes Toys

There were so many things I saw that my soon to be three year old would love! This was the amazing table we saw when we approached the merchandise preview area.

Disney Planes Toy Airplanes

The sets you see in the back of this photo are exclusive to Target and I have yet to get to a Target to buy them! I <3 these airplane sets, they were the first things that caught my eye when I saw the merchandise table. LA did receive many of the individual airplanes for his birthday, but not the sets.

Airplane Toys

Forgive the blurry photo…not sure what I did (or what I was doing as I was taking the photo) but you can still see the amazing planes! Disney has given us such an amazing selection and variety with the toys they offer!

Dusty the Crop Duster

A talking airplane action figure?! That’s right! This Dusty speaks 15 phrases, has interchangeable wings and propeller, has motion activated revving sounds, the propeller spins and it has free-spinning wheels!! What toddler or child wouldn’t love this!?

Disney Planes books

Books, books, books!! We read a ton in our house and I was so happy to see books included in the merchandise release. With so many toys available it’s easy to forget the importance of reading with/to our little ones. We love the stories and the fun created with the Planes books! Be sure to pick them up for your little ones!

Do you have any favorite toys from Disney’s Planes or from a previous Disney movie? Share your memories!

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