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Three Simple, Creative DIY Halloween Costume Ideas (Guest Post)

Every October 31st, hoards of witches, clowns, pumpkins and zombies invade the neighborhood on an annual hunt for candy. Whilst some kids are perfectly content with these classic Halloween costumes, others want to stand out from their peers with a costume that nobody else has. For something a little less expected, consider these simple DIY Halloween costumes


Turn your child into a futuristic super hero by creating a simple rocket jetpack out of a few everyday household items, as seen in Real Simple. Perfect for adventure-seeking boys or girls, your son or daughter will be over the moon with this stellar costume.

Materials: White shirt, white pants, silver spray paint, 2 paper party hats, 2 empty Pringles tubes, 2 wine corks, orange and red streamers, silver duct tape

Instructions: Glue a party hat over the top of each Pringles tube and link the tubes together by gluing two corks between them. Spray paint everything silver, before adding strips of orange and red streamers to the bottom of each tube. Create duct tape straps and place the two rockets on your child like a backpack. Finally, add duct-tape racing stripes down each pant leg.

Super Shiny Robot

For a costume that’s instantly recognizable, eye-catching and that inspires your kid to talk – slowly – in – a – hilarious – monotone – voice, you can’t go wrong with a DIY robot costume.

Materials: Large cardboard box, medium-sized cardboard box, silver spray paint, silver dryer ducting, blue felt, white felt, grey sweat pants or leggings.

Instructions: Keep one side of the large box open by cutting out the flaps. Using scissors, cut circular arm holes in the two side walls and a larger head hole on the top side of the box. Place the smaller box on your child’s head to determine where to cut an eye slat. Remove the box, cut out the rectangle and cover both boxes in silver spray paint. Once dry, add two eyes (white felt circles with blue felt pupils) above the rectangular cut-out on the smaller box. Complete the look by placing your kids’ arms in shiny silver dryer ducting.

80s Aerobics Baby

When it comes to dressing up babies, simple accessories – like a fake mustache or a funny hat – go a long way. Keep things simple and get plenty of laughs by dressing your baby as an aerobics fanatic straight out of the 1980s. The result is pretty spectacular.

Materials: Leggings, a long-sleeved onesie, stretchy fabric headband, leg warmers (or kids’ socks with the feet cut out.

Instructions: Put the leggings on first, followed by the onesie and leg warmers, Top things off by adding the headband.


Have you started thinking about Halloween costumes yet? What DIY costumes do you have in mind?



Article written by Jennifer V. – thanks, Jennifer for your great ideas!

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  1. Karen Glatt says:

    I like the Rocket Man idea for my nephew! He is so excited about going trick or treat again. Kids get so excited about it and start talking about what they want to be. I am going to tell my sister about the Rocket Man costume!

  2. The robot sounds like a costume my Mom made for me for a fancy dress contest at school. She used foil to cover the boxes but it was very similar. I won!

  3. I like the ’80s aerobic baby idea. That would be cute.

  4. aerobic baby sounds good and I have a 9 month old that would be perfect!!

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