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Our Interview with El Chu – That’s Who! #DisneyPlanesEvent


If you don’t know who El Chu is, that means you haven’t gone to see Disney’s Planes yet. What are you waiting for?!? I’m telling you, once again, this film is amazing!! You and the kids will adore it! When I was in LA for the Monsters University Premiere, one of the days was filled with Planes fun! The absolute funnest interview we did was with Carlos Alazraqui, the voice of El Chu in the movie. Carlos had us laughing almost the entire time! Such a fun guy he is! There wasn’t a question asked that we didn’t either get a funny answer to, or the gift of listening to one of Carlos’ voices.

El Chu

Carlos has been the voice of many characters. Even though El Chu has to be my personal favorite of his characters, a close second would be the Taco Bell dog. During our sit down interview with him we asked him many things! Here are some of the questions I enjoyed. I wish I could share with you a voice recording of the conversation because you would be laughing, too! His voices really are so entertaining!

Interview Questions for El Chu

How did you get involved in voice work?

Carlos: I fell into it. I was doing stand up comedy and one day there was an audition. I didn’t have an agent and I just showed up and gave it a try. I read some lines, did some voices and they sent it off to Nickelodeon and ended up moving to LA and kept getting characters from there.

When asked about being a voice character: 

Carlos: I love that aspect: being a kid, it keeps you young. It’s awesome, you can be anything. We all have voices, we all have kids. However we talk to our babies, kids, husband’s wives, etc. those are all voices. We are always doing voices and it’s fun to have a career doing that.

Side note: He thoroughly enjoys his job and that’s obvious! It’s awesome seeing his love for doing voices. Everyone should have a job they enjoy that much!

What was the draw to be a part of this film?

Carlos: besides being convinced in American dollars? (insert lots of laughter here) I started out as part of the table reading for the writers and they thought I did such a good job that they wanted me to be part of the film. It was an opportunity for me to do what I do and they liked it! That’s rare. Disney and Pixar are smart enough to know what works and they do it.

Do you ever use voices from previous roles in public?

Carlos: Yea, I visited a school recently and it’s funny, the kids want you to do voices of characters you’ve never heard of! (haha!) I did the voice of the Taco Bell dog too, people ask me to do that.

Do you do the voices at home ?

Carlos: You know how it is, sometimes you need a break at home. We play around with my daughter and as a parent you want your kid to mimic what you think is funny. We do voices and have fun with her.

Tell us about the dancing we heard about when you were recording “The Love Machine” song.

Carlos: You get into the character and you see him go through the animation. The animation is what gets you into the characters, you see El Chu’s eyes and you feel what he is doing.

Any challenges with El Chu/Planes?

Carlos: Not really, it’s made so easy. I’m comfortable doing El Chu, I’ve done him for two years. You become comfortable with it and the challenges become smaller. A challenge is going to Miami to promote the film, Spanish is not as strong as I’d like but I am looking froward to promoting to the Spanish audience!

Carlos - El Chu

Upcoming Work: Carlos hopes to be part of Planes II, he is the Skylanders character: Hot Dog, he does a few roles in Sophia the First, and he’s working on being a dad and preparing for the next phase of operation “you don’t own me”. Carlos is also working on some live action films, a few web series and is working with the Latino publicity for Planes.

Carlos was an absolute blast to interview! Be sure you check him out in Disney’s Planes, in theaters now…he plays the awesome character: El Chu!

Carlos' Character, El Chu

Disney’s Planes is in theaters now!


It’s one of my favorite movies of the year (ok, probably IS my favorite movie of the year)! It’s really a fantastic movie! Disney has not failed us! Be sure you go check it out on the big screen…it’ll be worth every cent! 😉


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  1. I wish I could’ve heard the interview live, he sounds like lots of fun! My son can’t wait to see this movie and now I look forward to seeing it, too!
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