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We Had A Golden Time at the Goldfish Swim School in Clarkston, Michigan

Disclosure: My children received a complimentary swimming lesson and I received compensation for this sponsored post through TweetTeam.com, regardless, all opinions are 100% my own.

Swimming is something I have always loved doing. I’ve always wanted to take my little ones to swimming lessons but there were always reasons that kept me from doing so. Those reasons included everything from lack of money when our oldest was a toddler/child to worrying about my children not getting enough one on one attention to really learn, among other things. Swim lessons for kids are definitely a good idea and I recommend them but I also recommend knowing all of the details you can about the place you take them. We were recently given the chance to check out Goldfish Swim School in Clarkston, Michigan and there are so many things I want to share with you about this swim school.

Goldfish Swim Sign
I called to set up a lesson for one of our toddlers and I was so excited to hear that the Clarkston location wanted to schedule a lesson for both LA and Addy. I knew both of them would LOVE being in the water, but I was a bit hesitant in how LA would initially react because he’s been going through this phase of being scared and not wanting to be away from mama and daddy. When I called and spoke to the manager of Goldfish Swim School she was very accommodating. She was so helpful in finding a date and time that worked well for our schedules, and not only that, it was so helpful that she found a time that worked for BOTH kids’ lessons. I have to admit on the day of the lessons we didn’t account for traffic going to the Clarkston area and we got stuck on I-75 in pretty much a stand still. I felt terrible and had to call to let them know we would be late and ask if they needed us to reschedule. Well, I was thrilled that they checked around and fit us in 30 minutes later, which gave us time to go those additional 6 miles in traffic and make it on time for our new appointment time. That was SO kind of them to still get us in the same day. It was much appreciated!

When we arrived at the Clarkston Goldfish Swim School we were greeted right away. The person at the front desk very cheerfully said “Happy Friday!” They were so friendly, it was refreshing! Both kids were given a welcome bag, complete with Goldfish crackers, a pencil, sticker, t-shirt and more! My husband took the kids in to start their lesson as I was introduced to the school. After a brief introduction I went in poolside to observe and take photos.

Addy’s Swim Lesson

Both Addy and LA were scheduled for a lesson at the same time. It worked perfectly, and not only did they have the same time, but they were in lanes right next to each other. Addy had no problem going to her instructor and seemed to be very calm in the water. I loved the variety of things they did with her during the lesson. The instructor held her and moved her legs in the swimming motion, they used kick balls to get her kicking, the used ball pit balls for her to gather getting her arms moving in the water.

Addy's Swim LessonOnce daddy was able to join them (when he got away from LA, more on that below) he held her so that she was on her back in the water, head on his shoulder and they held a mirror above to get her comfortable with being on her back in the water. They used Elmo and Cookie Monster puppets to play/sing with Addy. The instructor poured water over her head to get her used to it and she didn’t cry at all! The instructor and daddy passed Addy back and forth with her in the swimming motion on her belly going across the water. She practiced getting out of the water on the edge of the pool. The instructor truly enjoyed working with Addy and it showed!

LA’s Swim Lesson

LA wasn’t that willing to go into the water with his instructor. Daddy was initially supposed to go into the water with Addy but ended up going in with LA because he was scared. As I mentioned earlier, he’s been going through a phase of not wanting to be away from mama and daddy or with other people besides us. After he warms up to them, he’s fine but it’s the introduction that is rough. The instructor was incredibly patient with him and had my husband help with things until LA was comfortable.

The instructor’s love for what she does really shined. She was serious about her job but also great with LA. She worked with him on blowing bubbles in the water, kicking his feet, moving his arms, getting away from the edge of the pool to the “island” placed in the pool (I use the term island for lack of words because I am not sure what they call the yellow object in the water – don’t laugh!). The instructor helped him get comfortable on his back in the water and more! My worries about not enough one on one attention were definitely laid to rest with this experience! LA Goldfish Swimming He got to throw the rings shown in the bottom left photo and pick which color he wanted to use. They used the item on the bottom right above to help him keep afloat and move across the water. They really did a lot in this one lesson, but it wasn’t overwhelming, it was a perfect mix that kept him interested the entire time!

Goldfish Swim School, Clarkston

As if I wasn’t already impressed enough with the instructors and the lesson my little ones just had, outside of the pool I was rather impressed with the brightness and tropical feel to the Clarkston location. There were signs for each area that were full of palm trees and colorful letters. The changing room was over the top fun with it’s color and themed decor. There were hair dryers, individual changing rooms, cubbys for personal items, Bumbo seats for babies, a changing area (and they even had diapers and wipes readily available!!)!

Goldfish Changing Room

The bottom right photo above shows hubby using this super cool drying machine. You put your swimsuit in after the lesson and it comes out nearly dry!! There were no dripping suits to find a place for on the car ride home. It was ah-mazing! <3

Below you can see the candy available at the front desk: 2 items for a quarter. It’s an honor system and there for the kids (or adults) after lessons. They also have a “swim shop” available that fills a wall by the front desk. You can pick up any of your swimming needs right there, how convenient is that!?

Inside of Goldfish Swim School

LA and Addy both loved the live turtles and fish to look at! I am sure this is a main attraction for the kids (of course after the swimming)! There is an awesome parent/family viewing area, too! And, as if that weren’t enough…there is a play area by the door, complete with toys, books, a chalk board and toddler sized table and chairs! It’s perfect!

Goldfish Swim ClarkstonWe can’t leave out the detailed art on the walls in the pool area, it’s gorgeous, isn’t it!? And a view of the pool…..ahhhh, so nice!

On the way out, the super-friendly front desk crew gave the kids balloons and asked how everything went. Overall, our experience was truly golden! I know, I know…their tag line is “Where the experience is golden” but it really is the absolute truth! From the moment we walked in the door we were impressed with the staff at the Clarkston Goldfish Swim School. It’s the perfect place for swim lessons for kids!

Show Goldfish Swim School – Clarkston Some Love!

Please visit Goldfish Swim School – Clarkston on Facebook and show them some love! They sure showed us plenty when we were there and I can’t imagine taking my kids anywhere else for swim lessons – honestly. Thank you, Goldfish Swim School in Clarkston for a truly golden experience!

Have you considered taking your little ones for lessons? What are your concerns?

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  1. Wow what a great time!

  2. Wow! Thanks for sharing the pics! This looks like such a fun place even though its for swim lessons. I’ve been wanting to get my 2.5 year old son into swim lessons but I always miss the deadline at my school district. It’s good to know there are places you can go for swim lessons any time. I think swim lessons are so important for little ones. I will be checking this place out for sure! Great post! Thanks again for sharing!

  3. We just visited there too and we love it!!!
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  4. I just went there yesterday and will be posting as well…Seriously, I was floored with how cool it was! I’ve heard good things, but was nervous to bring my very shy little gal. She had a ball! Great write-up and photos 🙂

  5. Jennifer Young says:

    I REALLY want to get my girls into some kind of swimming lesson! I actually can’t swim so I really feel it’s important for them to learn how and we are at the beach all the time. Our biggest concern was the cost, but since my husband got a new job that makes a lot more, we should be able to get them into some lessons this winter!

  6. Looks like you all had a wonderful time! Looks like the place is really nice. I’d totally check it out if I lived closer. 🙂

  7. This place looks amazing. next time I am in Michigan I will have to look it up!

  8. That looks like a great place! I wish we had something great like that near by, but living in a small town island we dont have many options. We have been doing swim lessons ourselves instead of paying for nothing exceptional 🙂

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