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A Day Out with Thomas Creates Lifetime Memories

We recently went to the Day Out with Thomas event in our area. We were given tickets for the family in exchange for a review. I wasn’t sure what all to expect other than a train ride and a few crafts or fun things for the kids. Let me tell you…I was completely shocked by the amount of things there were to do and how amazing every single thing was. The kids had a blast, and even us older ones had fun! 😉 Our day with Thomas really did create a lifetime of memories!

Thomas Welcome SignWe arrived at the Huckleberry Railroad and Crossroads Village in Flint, Michigan shortly after 2pm for our 3pm train ride with Thomas. We were greeted at the entrance with the welcome sign and the excitement began!

We had a little while to walk around and see what was offered before getting in line to wait for Thomas. We had never been to the Huckleberry Railroad prior to this event so we were really impressed to see such an amazing place! It was like a whole village from the “old days”, and walking around was like going back in time!

Huckleberry Buildings
There was an old general store, a bank, a barbershop, a print shop and further into the village there were some homes with the interiors completed using antique items.

Throughout the entire village there were stations set up for various activities. We checked it out prior to boarding, but we had to go back after our ride to do most of the activities. The little ones were excited to meet Sir Topham Hatt! Neither one of them had any issues with going up and giving him a hug! They wouldn’t turn around for a photo though they just kept staring in awe! 😉 I loved seeing a whole house in the village dedicated to baby changing and nursing! Thumbs up, Day Out with Thomas! That rocked!

The boarding area has numbered gates and we were instructed to board at gate five. I loved how they decorated the gate signs to add to the fun!

Various Activies at DOWTThe Imagination Station was SUPER cool! It had bounce houses, which LA was too scared to go on this year. I’ve mentioned recently that he’s been going through this phase of being scared of a lot of things. I hope it doesn’t last long! 🙁 Back to the imagination station though…there was also a tent where the kids could color and make a hat, play with Mega Bloks and watch toy train sets go around the track!

Day Out with Thomas ActivitiesThere was a tattoo station, a few animals to see, a maze and even a video viewing area! There was SO much to do! We even got the teenager to take part in the maze, believe it or not! 😉

Time for ThomasWhen it was time to leave Crossroads Village and all of the Thomas activities to go see Thomas the toddlers were excited! And the picture on the right above? That was the excitement in LA’s face when he saw and heard this:

It's Thomas the Train!After we waited in line for a short time, we were able to chose the car we wanted to ride on. We chose what used to be a luxury car. The details inside of the car were amazing! There was stained glass, lanterns, frosted glass with beautiful train photos on it, leather, cushiony seats, beautiful stained wood all around…all in all, it was gorgeous!

Riding Thomas the TrainWhen the ride started, music from Thomas the Train played over the speakers and the kids filled with excitement as they clapped and danced in their seats! It was such a fun time for all! The looks on their faces were priceless and something we’ll always remember!

Thomas Fun with the Family
After the train ride we stopped to pose for a photo that my husband took of the kids and I. We tried many, many times to get everyone to look at the camera with no luck. This was the best we had. Lol

LA by the Trains
Back in the Imagniation Station area there was a backdrop with trains that LA enjoyed posing in front of. This was another one we tried with both toddlers and it just didn’t work! LA alone did great though!

Time to say Good Bye ThomasAfter so much fun and many family memories made, it was time to say goodbye. Of course, we couldn’t leave without Thomas balloons for both toddlers! They had an amazing time and we couldn’t have been more thankful for an amazing event!

The Day Out with Thomas Go Go Tour is a traveling event and is held at railroads across the country! It typically occurs every year so if you’ve missed it in your area please be sure to check it out next year! Here’s the complete schedule for the rest of this tour!

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  1. Karen Glatt says:

    This is such a wonderful place to take the family! I really like the train inside, it looked pretty. I would love to go here some day in the Summer. The balloons looked so cute!

  2. Christian Alejandro says:

    Oh man that looks like a blast. I missed out on it when I was young, but I bet this would be a great family trip at some point.

  3. natalie nichols says:

    I wanted to take my son to this, this year but we couldn’t afford it. Maybe next year. It really looks like fun.

  4. This place looks amazing! I wish there was one closer to me! I have a 2 year old and a 10 month old that would love it!


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