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A Day Out with Thomas Creates Lifetime Memories

Thomas Welcome Sign

We recently went to the Day Out with Thomas event in our area. We were given tickets for the family in exchange for a review. I wasn't sure what all to expect other than a train ride and a few crafts or fun things for the kids. Let me tell you...I was completely shocked by the amount of things there were to do and how amazing every single thing was. The kids had a blast, and even us older ones had fun! ;) Our day with Thomas really did create a … [Read more...]

Monsters University is Back in Theaters for Labor Day Weekend! #MonstersU

Monsters U Labor Day Weekend

Monsters University is back in theaters this Labor Day weekend!!!  Perfect timing here in Michigan, school starts Tuesday so it's a fun way to get in one last summer celebration while getting in some "school" too! ;) Check out the new spot for the film below: Just some study tips on Monsters University OFFICIAL BOILERPLATE: Ever since college-bound Mike Wazowski (voice of Billy Crystal) was a little monster, he has dreamed of becoming a … [Read more...]

Packing for a Family Break (Guest Post)

Packing the essentials for a family holiday can be prove to be a bit of a rigmarole – especially when you’re put in charge of organising the brood and ensuring that everyone has packed all the necessities. Sometimes, it’s easier to just do it yourself and with the help of a handy checklist, you can be done in no time. Travelling with children, whether it’s to one of the lovely UK breaks or abroad, can be a stressful time if you don’t think … [Read more...]

We Had A Golden Time at the Goldfish Swim School in Clarkston, Michigan

Goldfish Swim Sign

Disclosure: My children received a complimentary swimming lesson and I received compensation for this sponsored post through TweetTeam.com, regardless, all opinions are 100% my own. Swimming is something I have always loved doing. I've always wanted to take my little ones to swimming lessons but there were always reasons that kept me from doing so. Those reasons included everything from lack of money when our oldest was a toddler/child to … [Read more...]

High School Mamas, Have You Thought About Homecoming Yet?

We have a high school senior this year. I can hardly believe our first child is old enough to be graduating! There are so many things we have to plan for this year and the first major thing we have started thinking about is homecoming. Because we have a boy, his main concerns seem to be what color his girlfriend will be wearing. I personally think the girls have more fun, because they get to shop for the homecoming dresses! I remember when I … [Read more...]

All Aboard for the Thomas the Train Birthday from Birthday Express

Thomas Party Decor

When it was time to plan my now three year old's birthday, I was exhausted. I was in mid-first trimester of this pregnancy and I just didn't have a lot of time to dedicate to the party. I felt incredibly guilty about this because he was going to be THREE, he didn't understand first trimester exhaustion. He deserved a party that was fun and full of his favorite character: Thomas the Train...but where was I going to find the time or energy to … [Read more...]

Pregnancy Journal – 15 Weeks and Feeling…Normal?

I can't believe it...15 weeks already! This pregnancy really is flying! I can't believe we are so close to the half way point! Baby's Size This Week: (from BabyCenter) Your growing baby now measures about 4 inches long, crown to rump, and weighs in at about 2 1/2 ounces (about the size of an apple). She's busy moving amniotic fluid through her nose and upper respiratory tract, which helps the primitive air sacs in her lungs begin to develop. … [Read more...]

Disney Home Entertainment Preview and a Giveaway!

DVD Prize Package

I always love to see exciting new things that the people at Disney are working on. The last morning I was in LA back in June, we were given a preview of some amazing things to come! Disney is always hard at work when it comes to entertaining the whole family and we saw just that in these new home entertainment releases! The one thing I was most excited about was The Little Mermaid Diamond Edition! This has always been one of my absolute favorite … [Read more...]

Don’t Miss the Kate Quinn Organics Friends and Family Sale!

Kate Quinn Fall 2013

Disclosure: I am being given a credit to the website for sharing this sale. All opinions are 100% my own regardless. We are big fans of Kate Quinn Organics, but when there is a sale going on there is nothing but pure excitement!!! Right now they have their friends and family sale going on and that means you get 50% off!!!!   That's right FIFTY PERCENT OFF (use discount code below)!!! If you haven't been to Kate Quinn Organic's website lately, … [Read more...]

Three Simple, Creative DIY Halloween Costume Ideas (Guest Post)

Every October 31st, hoards of witches, clowns, pumpkins and zombies invade the neighborhood on an annual hunt for candy. Whilst some kids are perfectly content with these classic Halloween costumes, others want to stand out from their peers with a costume that nobody else has. For something a little less expected, consider these simple DIY Halloween costumes Rocketman Turn your child into a futuristic super hero by creating a simple rocket … [Read more...]

Pregnancy Journal – 14 Weeks and Helloooo Second Trimester!

Pregnancy Journal 4.0

Ok, ok...so it's the second journal post and I'm late already! I meant to post this Sunday, however, I just couldn't fit it into the schedule. Sunday was the beginning of my second trimester! Time is flying already! 14 weeks...soon to be 15, before we know it we'll be at the half way point and finding out baby's gender, and then it will fly even more and before we know it, our bundle of joy will be in our arms! Baby's Size This Week: Baby … [Read more...]

Taggies Sweet as a Bug Bedding and Soft ‘n Snug Bouncer Brighten the Nursery

Taggies Logo

When we were expecting LA it was like we were first time parents again. Our oldest, at that time, was 13 and we had long gotten rid of all his baby things. We had a complete nursery to decorate and since we planned on having more after LA we decorated the nursery as gender neutral as possible. Since the moment we found out Addy was a girl I have been telling my husband that I wanted to make the nursery a bit more "girly" for her. I wanted to add … [Read more...]

Disney’s Planes and Jamba Juice Soaring the Skies Together with a Giveaway

Jamba Juice promo

In honor of the super cool partnership that has formed between Disney's Planes and Jamba Juice, we are going to do a giveaway for a Jamba Juice gift card! Jamba Juice was kind enough to send me a gift card as well as one to give away! If you've not read my reasons why you should see Planes, please do! My little ones love a Jamba Juice treat on occasion and yours will, too!! Enter to win so you can take the whole family out for a treat! Check out … [Read more...]

Toys for My Airplane Loving Toddler #DisneyPlanesEvent

Disney Planes Toys

I've talked before about how much LA adores airplanes! When I went to the premiere in Los Angeles  I got a sneak peak at the Disney Planes merchandise I was beyond excited! You see, I saw this merchandise in June and LA's birthday is in July so I was planning ahead just what I was going to tell people to get him for his birthday! Smart thinking, huh!? ;) There were so many things I saw that my soon to be three year old would love! This was … [Read more...]

We’ve Ready for Fall with Gymboree’s Adorable Style

Gymboree Dinosaur

We have become huge fans of Gymboree. Their adorable style is always some of the best around and they constantly have new items coming out so everyone can find something (or multiple somethings) that they love. Gymboree helped us get ready for fall (and preschool) when they sent us a gift card to get some items to review. I am thrilled to tell you all about their products and what we got for the little ones! First, let me just tell you … [Read more...]

Peaceful Sleep with the Cloud b Tranquil Turtle

Turtle Waves

Sleeping is something I'm sure we all love. Sometimes our little ones may have a difficult time getting to sleep or even sleeping peacefully. We've found the answer to this problem in our home! I was so excited to meet with the Cloud b representative at the Sweet Suite in Chicago because I have always been a huge fan of their products. We were sent the Tranquil Turtle to review and not only have the little ones fallen in love, mama has … [Read more...]

Check Out the New Disney Interactive Planes Video Game and Enter to Win!

Planes Video Games

We love video games in our home. Ok, well...the guys love video games!! We got the Wii system a few years back and have since had lots of family fun, which is why I was super excited to learn that the new Planes video game was exclusive to Nintendo! When I was in LA in June we got to meet the people who worked on developing the game! How fun is that!? It was a fun session with them and seeing the game early was super cool! We were able to see … [Read more...]

(Not So) Wordless Wednesday – Mitten Moms Conference

Adoba Hotel, Dearborn

This past weekend I went to the Mitten Moms Conference, which is a conference for Michigan bloggers. I was really looking forward to the conference as I don't know many bloggers in the area. After attending BlogHer in July (I still need to write about that, don't I?) I was pretty excited to see the differences between the large conference and this smaller conference. I can tell you that I LOVE smaller conferences so much more than large ones! I … [Read more...]

Our Interview with El Chu – That’s Who! #DisneyPlanesEvent

El Chu

If you don't know who El Chu is, that means you haven't gone to see Disney's Planes yet. What are you waiting for?!? I'm telling you, once again, this film is amazing!! You and the kids will adore it! When I was in LA for the Monsters University Premiere, one of the days was filled with Planes fun! The absolute funnest interview we did was with Carlos Alazraqui, the voice of El Chu in the movie. Carlos had us laughing almost the entire time! Such … [Read more...]

We’re Going to the Day Out with Thomas Event in Flint, Michigan!

Day Out with Thomas

Our three year old is quite the Thomas fan. What three year old isn't though, right? Even our 1 1/2 year old daughter gets excited when she hears the Thomas music! She loves it, too! I am thrilled that the Day Out with Thomas event is coming to the area and they are so generous that they are giving us tickets so we can experience this event and tell everyone all about it! Thomas the Tank Engine has traveled all the way from the Island of Sodor … [Read more...]

Pregnancy Journal – Last Week of the First Trimester!

Pregnancy Journal 4.0

WooHoo! Today begins week 13, which according to my BabyCenter app it's the last week of the first trimester! I thought I would start a pregnancy journal to remember everything about this pregnancy since it may be my last! Baby's Size This Week: Baby is about the size of a pea-pod this week and weighs nearly an ounce. More from BabyCenter about baby this week: Fingerprints have formed on your baby's tiny fingertips, her veins and organs … [Read more...]

Planes – Race to the Finish Activity Sheets #DisneyPlanesEvent

Here in Michigan we are still on summer break! There are a few weeks left until all of the kids return to school. With this being the first weekend of the exciting release of Disney's Planes I wanted to share some super cool activity sheets with you! Did you take your kids to see the movie yesterday? If not, check out my reasons why you should! Click on the button below to access Race to the Finish PDF file! Planes really is one of the best … [Read more...]