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We Love Pillsbury Pizza on the Grill!

I have been a fan of pizza since I can remember. My oldest son is just like me and loves it, too! We try to have a weekly family fun night where we make or order pizza and a few weeks ago Pillsbury helped us to prepare our pizza in a way we never thought of – on the grill! We were provided with grilling tools kit, Pillsbury  pizza crust and a $10 gift card to buy pizza toppings and we had a blast creating two grilled pizzas for family night!

classic crust

When I first read about grilling a refrigerated pizza crust I was nervous. I had never thought about doing it and it seemed hard! You can read more about grilling pizza here. Well, with the help of my grill master (my husband) we were able to get the crust on the grill to get it cooking without much of a problem! It was something we definitely took our time doing, but it wasn’t difficult by any means.  We simply unrolled the refrigerated crust, sprayed some non-stick cooking spray on the aluminum foil and carefully laid the crust on the grill.

Pillsbury Grilled Crust

We cooked the crust on one side for about 4 minutes (be very careful, depending on the grill it can burn easily!) and then turned the crust over and added toppings while the bottom side was cooking. Once the toppings were in place we cooked it long enough to just let the cheese. Our first attempt at pizza on the grill was a BBQ Chicken Pizza. Pillsbury has a BBQ Chicken Pizza recipe online, however, I changed it just  bit to accommodate our personal tastes. I used BBQ sauce on the crust (as the “pizza” sauce), added grilled chicken pieces, red onion, cheese and fresh parsley on top. I think it would have been great to add some bacon bits, too!

BBQ Chicken Pizza on the Grill

We didn’t need to leave it on the grill much longer because the crust burning was a huge concern! Below you can see the finished product before everyone ate it up!

Finished BBQ Chicken Pizza

It turned out great and it was a big hit in our house! We can’t wait to make more, actually!

The second attempt we did for pizza on the grill was Chicken Alfredo Pizza! Yum! The toppings on this one were very similar to the BBQ Chicken Pizza. We simply used alfredo sauce for the “pizza” sauce and then added grilled chicken pieces, red onion and fresh parsley. We grilled the crust the same and this one turned out fabulous, too!

Alfredo Pizza

Doing this post is making me hungry again for the grilled pizzas we created! They were more easy than I expected and made for a fantastic dinner on our family fun nights!

Have you ever grilled pizza?


What type of pizza would you create on the grill?



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