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Upgrading our Brushing Routine as a Family #PowerUpURSmile


We’ve been spending a lot of time brushing lately and trying to really instill in LA and Addy how important it is. We’ve been brushing their teeth twice daily: morning and night for some time now. Addy just doesn’t want to have her teeth brushed. She doesn’t mind the toothbrush if SHE’S the one in charge of it. After dealing with this problem for some time, I realized we all needed to work on our brushing routine and make it a family affair. Making sure the kids’ teeth are brushed is very important to us so if it takes all of us upgrading our routine, then so be it! Take a look at our before and after routine, including my change to the Philips Sonicare toothbrush!

Our Routine Before Our Upgrade

Our routine before this change was pretty dull. Hubby would brush one child’s teeth and I brushed the other child’s teeth. We often sang the ABC song for LA while brushing his teeth and he knew that when we were done with the song, we were also done brushing his teeth. After that, we would let him brush for a while to get used to doing it. Addy on the other hand…she ALWAYS fought us. She never wanted us to brush her teeth but SHE enjoyed doing it. The problem with that is she is only chewing on her toothbrush, which sure, it helps, but she was not getting her teeth as clean as they needed to be. We definitely had some work to do to get our little ones’ habits up to par!

Our Upgraded Oral Care Routine

Sonicare PowerUp Battery Toothbrush

Since we decided on making this a family affair, one of the first things we needed to do was treat the family to new toothbrushes! I knew that I personally wanted to try a battery powered toothbrush to improve my oral health. I was thrilled when I was sent a Sonicare PowerUp to try! The PowerUp is designed to be as easy to use as any manual toothbrush, but it delivers superior results and a better experience! The PowerUp allows for more brush strokes in a day than your manual toothbrush can do in a month! It also removes more plaque, helps reduce cavities and helps improve gum health! Personally, I’ve loved this change of mine! The Sonicare toothbrush makes my teeth REALLY feel clean! It makes a visible difference, too! I don’t think I’ll ever go back to a manual toothbrush again!

Is the Sonicare toothbrush for everyone?

I held off on getting the kids a battery powered toothbrush because I wasn’t sure how they would react being so small. I wanted them to get use to the sound of mine and see their reactions prior to investing in one for each of them. My husband also wanted to hold off on getting a battery powered toothbrush because he wanted the kids to see him brushing with a brush like theirs. We decided to make it a slow transition into the battery powered toothbrushes! 🙂 Next, we picked out toothpaste and floss for all! We made it a fun trip and even bought stickers for rewards!

Next, we developed a plan! In all things, we try to make it fun for the kids so they will enjoy what we are teaching and they will want to continue doing the habits we are trying to help them develop. Here are the things we’ve added to make this routine fun:

  • Make it a family affair! They love that mama and daddy brush at the same time as them! And to be honest, it’s helped my husband and I to NOT forget to brush our teeth!
  • Music: Our little ones LOVE music so we found a way to incorporate music into brushing teeth all while making it “educational”! We start a CD and our goal is to brush with them for an entire song. We’ve been using Baby Einstein CDs and some of hubby’s favorite: Schoolhouse Rock! The kids REALLY enjoy the added music since before all we were doing was singing the ABC song! 🙂
  • Focus from a Chair: Although this isn’t necessarily FUN, it’s needed. We put Addy in her high chair for our routine. Why? First, because we play music and although she loves it, she doesn’t need to be dancing around with a brush in her mouth, it’s just not safe. Second, I think it’s really helped her to focus on what we are doing and she is more attentive to brushing her teeth and letting us brush for her.
  • Responsibility Chart: We’ve done this more so for LA since he’s nearly 3 and can grasp the concept of the chart. We have “brush teeth” as one of the responsibilities of his each day.

Toddler Responsibility Chart

  • Stickers: Our little ones love stickers! Even though LA has the above responsibility chart, Addy needed something and stickers were what grabbed her attention! She has learned that if she lets mama or daddy brush her teeth she will get a sticker to wear! She LOVES it!

Addy brushing

We feel it’s important to still let her brush her teeth, too. We want her to get into this habit of brushing, but we also brush them for her in order to get them clean! 🙂

What ways do you keep the kids interested in brushing?

With this new teeth brushing routine in our home and as much as I’ve fallen in love with my PowerUp from Sonicare, I will be investing in battery powered toothbrushes for all of us! I really believe it makes a huge difference in how clean our teeth can get and, after all, that’s the most important thing! Being the “green” mama that I am though, I’ve been looking for ways to re-purpose our old toothbrushes and the toothbrushes we get every six months at our cleanings! Take a look at these ways we’ll reuse them:

  • Jewelry cleaner!! Who can’t use a small brush to clean rings and earrings? I love this idea!
  • Cleaning grout – not as fun…but necessary!
  • Cleaning humidifiers – there are so many hard to reach spots and the toothbrush is the perfect size for getting to them!
  • Drain cleaners and around the faucets – I know it can get gross around the faucets, keep them maintained with a weekly scrub with a tooth brush!
  • Keep them on hand to remove anything from the bottom of shoes that the kids might step in!

What do you reuse old toothbrushes for?

Philips Sonicare PowerUp Info

If you are interested in the Philips Sonicare toothbrush that I am using, you can view/purchase the Sonicare PowerUp at Walmart stores or on the Walmart website by clicking here. It is very affordable and is available for under $20! There is also a very cool video that I want to share that shows the evolution of toothbrushes! Check it out! You can also follow Philips Sonicare on Twitter and on Facebook for up to date details!


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  1. I really love how you are making the slow transition to powered toothbrushes with your kids. That’s so smart how you are doing it! Thanks for sharing all the great kid brushing tips and about the PowerUp!
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  2. Some great tips! I reuse old toothbrushes for detail cleaning in the bathroom. Those little nooks and crannies around the faucet have never looked cleaner.

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