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Living a Dream as a Voice Actress in Disney’s Planes #DisneyPlanesEvent


It’s been a dream of my husband’s for a long time to see the behind the scenes process of making cartoons. He’s often talked about how exciting it would be to do voice work and to really get a hands on experience doing voice work and seeing how it’s all put together. When I was in California last month for the Monsters University premiere and the Disney Planes event I was able to experience just what he’s been dreaming about forever! If there was one part of this trip I could have given or shared with an outsider….I would have given this experience to him. Not because I didn’t thoroughly enjoy every minute of it, but because of his passion for this very thing. It was amazing being able to tell him each and every detail and when I received the clip of my “work” he was really intrigued!

Voice Character in Planes

During our Disney Planes day in California, us bloggers had multiple mini-sessions was various people involved in making the Planes movies. Our session for the voice overs allowed us to meet with Jason Henkel and George Thompson. Jason is the Casting Director at Disney Toon Studios and George is a Sound Engineer. These two guys were amazing to work with, not to mention incredibly nice! I know I was incredibly nervous about going into the sound booth to record my voice! I had to voice act in front of not only my fellow bloggers that I didn’t know, but in front of these people I had just met that work at Disney? ummm…can we say SUPER nervous!? George and Jason actually made it easy! Well, as easy as it could be! They were so kind in helping and giving suggestions to each of us and making us all feel like we did a great job! As embarrassed as I am about sharing this…take a look at my session in the sound booth:

I looked scared stiff, didn’t I!? LOL It really wasn’t easy to get in there and do this. It was COLD, and nerve wrecking. Once I got in the sound booth and put on the headphones, all I heard were the voices of George and Jason and the rest of the world was tuned out. I listened to their every instruction and did the best I could. The sound booth was actually a decent size. I found that there are all kinds of prompts to help voice actors in being on queue with their lines. In the headphones we heard three beeps just before our lines were to start. We were told to be the fourth beep…the silent fourth beep. In other words, you kind of listen to the first three beeps and then start speaking when the fourth beep would start if there were one. I was able to practice a few times, get some suggestions from Jason and George and then it was go time! Take a look at my final scene below:

Isn’t that exciting!? I was pretty impressed with the final cut. My husband thought it was cool, and that’s all that matters, right? 😉 It was incredibly fun in the end no matter how nervous I was initially. I am so glad I pulled out my outgoing self and forced myself through the shyness as this was truly a once in a lifetime experience!

Jason explained to us the entire process regarding his job and how they start considering actors/actresses all the way through to the finished product. It was very interesting and I have to say, I would love a job that sounds that fun! 🙂 He told us that most times and actor or actress is in the sound booth ALONE doing their part. I totally expected the characters to be in the sound booth at the same time when recording each scene. He even told us that many times the voice actors/actresses record from various places in the world! In the end the sound engineer (George) puts everything together and the result is an incredible movie!

I was so excited to actually experience so much with Planes because it is an incredible movie! I cannot wait to see it again and even more, I cannot wait for my little boy to see it!

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August 9th is that magical date…make sure you take your family to see it!



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  1. Bri Radke says:

    OMG this is seriously the coolest thing ever! We adore Disney and can’t wait until this movie comes out so we can take my dad (he used to fly planes!). Super cool how they let you be a star 🙂

  2. What fun! I love seeing behind the scenes bits like this…I never knew that the actors often aren’t recording together. I’ve even more impressed by their ability to bring characters to life!

  3. Wow, what a wonderful experience! Pretty impressive
    voice over!

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