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Work Your Toddler’s Brain with a Shapes Memory Game #DIY

Earth's Best Disclosure

Outside of recycling our packaging of food products, we are always looking for ways to use them around the house. Our cardboard products have mostly been recycled, but now that my teacher hubby is at home with the kids during the summer we’ve been using them for art projects! Recently, we used the boxes from our favorite Earth’s Best Sesame Street Snacks to make an easy and fun Shapes Memory Game! Ok, well it’s not exactly a memory game…it’s more of a matching game but, still fun! 🙂

LA is going to be three soon and he’s been really into learning, which we are loving! We are trying to make it as fun as possible for him and he loves this game! It was so easy to make, too! We simply used some wooden puzzle pieces that are shapes that we wanted to use for the game and traced around each of the shapes twice. If you don’t have the shapes from a wooden puzzle laying around you can easily find shapes with coasters, lids from bowls, or you can draw them free hand using a ruler to get straight lines!

Shapes Matching Game with Cardboard Cutouts!

Supplies for Memory Shapes

Our supplies were simple: two Earth’s Best snack boxes and some wooden shapes! Later we used markers, too!

Making the Shapes

I just traced the shapes onto the back of the Earth’s Best boxes and then cut them out!

Memory Shapes Cut Out

The shapes were cut out and our boxes have been reused for toddler fun and education!

Add fun shapes!

Lastly, I wanted to add some color/design to them. I am not an artist so all I did was draw four shapes inside of the cut out with markers.

Toddler Matching is Fun

LA was having fun instantly and matching shapes! We practiced the names of the shapes and even the color of marker used on each one! He LOVES this game and it was FREE and easy to make!

Learning My Shapes

“I matched it, mama!! It’s the oval!”

He is so proud of himself every time he matches a shape! It’s fun and I love seeing his excitement!

What kind of DIY toddler games have you made?


Disclosure: I am an Earth’s Best Blogger and receive products monthly, however, all opinions are 100% my own and are not influenced in any way.

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