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I Just Tried Rite Aid’s Tugaboos Diapers, Have You Tried Them?

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Rite Aid.

I’ve mentioned before that our family only uses cloth diapers part time. Because of our work schedules and daycare, it just works out better for us to not use cloth on days that I work outside of the home. There’s typically one brand of disposable diapers that we use but I was recently challenged to make a change and try Rite Aid’s Tugaboos diapers.
Rite Aid Diapers

Rite Aid diapersI had never tried Rite Aid’s brand and to be honest, had I not had this particular opportunity, I probably wouldn’t have tried them. We typically buy our diapers in bulk and I would have never thought of going to Rite Aid for diapers! After receiving Tugaboos the challenge was upon us: trying Tugaboos on Addy. I have to admit I was a bit scared of leaks and concerned with fit. I figured we might as well jump right in to the biggest diaper test we could do – overnight. The first Tugaboos diaper I put on her was a diaper she had on all night! That night she slept through the night and when I went to get her in the morning I was pleasantly surprised to find that she was dry!! Tugaboos lasted all night with no leaks!

The diaper itself looks much like any other diaper. I was impressed with the quality of the diaper. The closure tabs never ripped/pulled off when putting on Addy or taking off, and in fact,  they have soft stretchable waist & side panels! The outer diaper is cotton-like and soft to touch, too! The strength seems to be comparable to other diapers we’ve used, and the absorbency is definitely comparable! The adorable tiger prints are a bonus! The Tugaboos brand is less expensive than name brand diapers when buying diapers at Rite Aid. It seemed to be an average of a few dollars less expensive.

After testing the diapers on Addy, I wasn’t surprised to learn that Rite Aid Tugaboos diapers have recently been improved for added leakage protection and faster absorption. They work great in those areas and I applaud them for their work!

Now that you know Tugaboos work great for baby, how about a bonus? Buy Rite Aid’s Tugaboos diapers in the month of June and you can enter to win a Very Bradley diaper bag for you!!

Rite Aid Vera Bradley Sweepstakes

For the month of June, all Tugaboos purchases will earn an entry into the Tugaboos and Vera Bradley Sweepstakes!

With every in-store purchase of qualifying Tugaboos products using your wellness+ card at any Rite Aid store between June 1-30, 2013, you will receive an entry for a chance to win one of (25) Vera Bradley Designer Diaper Bags filled with select Tugaboos products. To enter without making a purchase, complete this entry form now: https://riteaidtugaboos.dja.com/

Don’t miss your chance to try these great diapers all while getting the chance to win a great diaper bag! I love Vera Bradley bags!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Rite Aid.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Rite Aid.

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  1. Leela R. says:

    I use cloth most of the time but occasionally need to use disposables. Good to know of another good, and cheap option out there! Thanks.

  2. Cloth diapers are awesome.
    Rite-Aid diapers are NOT!!
    I ran out of diapers one night and my husband ran to the Rite Aid that is close to our house and grabbed 2 packs.
    This was my 1st time trying Tugaboos.
    The 1st couple of nights I had to change my baby’s clothes mid way through he night because he was so wet. And by “he” I mean, the clothes he was wearing was wet with pee because the diapers leaked all over him.
    I made a note to myself then not to get these diapers again once the packakges were done.
    Unfortunately, my baby developed such a bad, itchy, red rash on his lower back and butt cheeks, that he was constantly digging and scratching at. I tried all kinds of creams, rubs and ointments to get rid of this rash, but nothing worked. So I just quit using them midway. I still have a full pack left that I have no intention of using or even giving away. This is garbage. The minute I changed to another diaper, his rash finally started to heal. I mean this rash got real bad, it developed into a bunch of small sores on his butt and lower back, that were raw and had broken skin. Now they have healed but he still has the scars.
    It’s unfortunate that while getting what’s considered an affordable option, my baby had to pay the real price.
    I will NEVER get these diapers again, and I would NEVER recommend them to anyone, and they were so cute too. Too bad.

    • I’m sorry you had that experience and I’m sorry your little one had to go through that. It’s so tough to see that happen as parents. We did not experience this with Tugaboos but have with a few brands we’ve tried over the years. Sometimes our little ones react differently to various things. Hope he’s doing much better now and thanks so much for stopping by to share your thoughts!

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