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Serve Students Breakfast in the Beastly Breakfast Blitz #MonstersUPremiere

Are you ready to have some fun with Monsters University? Well, the MONSTERS UNIVERSITY students are waiting on YOU to serve them healthy breakfasts with milk as fast as you can in the new game, “Beastly Breakfast Blitz”! Who doesn’t love a good game? I have to warn you though…this is a very addictive game! I may just be using this game to pass the time over the next week while I’m waiting on my flight to LA to see the premiere! I can’t wait to report to all of you my thoughts on this movie and give you some surprise information, too! Stay tuned, but for now…enjoy the game!

Beastly Breakfast Blitz

Fill every monster order before time runs out to move through new levels, and experience an entire week of breakfast in the MU cafeteria. You’ll need to be quick – these little monsters need to fuel up for scaring school with milk’s high-quality protein at breakfast!


Enjoy the beastly amount of fun waiting for you in this game!

Warning: This game is addictive and you may find yourself attached to your computer hour after hour. Disney, Pixar and Mama on a Green Mission are not responsible for the amount of time you spend on your computer because of this game.

Connect with the Milk Mustache community for tips, tools and activities including tasty morning recipes for all the little “monsters” in your family.

MONSTERS UNIVERSITY releases in theaters on June 21st!


Gearing Up for the Monsters University Premiere! #MonstersUPremiere
Homework That's Fun? YES, with Monsters University! #MonstersUPremiere


  1. Jeffrey says:

    I can’t wait to see Monsters University. When Monsters, Inc. came out my son was about 3 and that was all he wanted to watch. I probably saw that movie over 100 times. He used to say the lines right along with the movie! I’m gonna have to check out this game, I bet he’ll like it. I think I’m more excited about the new release than he is, now that he’s older and all.

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