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Victoria Footwear Has My Feet Covered in Style this Spring

I’ve been fond of shoes since I was a teen. My mama used to complain about how many shoes I had and today my husband complains about it! haha! I don’t even wear most of my shoes that often. I find a few pairs that are most comfortable and I stick to them. But, I still have this need to keep buying shoes. I guess in hopes that they will be “the pair” for the next few months. When I saw the styles that Victoria Footwear offered I was intrigued. They looked not only stylish, fun and functional, but COMFORTABLE as well! Was it possible?

Victoria Shoes Logo

Victoria was founded in Spain in 1915 in a small town in La Rioja, when its founder Gregoria, had the idea of creating a shoe named after his wife Victoria, who he had married the previous year. Since then, many people have worn the name Victoria on their shoes, especially during the seventies and eighties, when the Victoria canvas shoe became an essential part of Spanish fashion. Victoria shoes are now available in the USA, but to stay true to their roots they are still make in Spain. 

I love shoes that can be slipped on. I am lazy sometimes and prefer to just slip on shoes to run outside, or just not put any on at all. (hehe, that’s the Ohio raised country girl in me!!) When I first saw the designs of Victoria Footwear I knew they were shoes I had to try! They were super cute and stylish and looked incredibly easy to slip on. There were wholes for laces in the style I liked, but there were no laces. They were true slip on and go shoes!

Victoria Shoes

Slip Ons that Earn a Place in My Heart

I fell in love with the Inglesa Elastico style on their website and was so thankful that they sent a pair for my review purposes. I couldn’t wait to get my feet into these shoes! These classic European tennis shoes are made up of 100% natural cotton grown in Spain and natural rubber. They are available in a wide range of colors.

Victoria Shoes

You can see there are no laces, but there is an elastic “band” that holds the top together and makes it stretchy and easy to put on!

Inglesa Shoes

 Victoria – Sign of the Time

I love the Rosa color I received for review! I am really into pinks lately and these are perfect for spring and summer! You can see in the above photo how flexible the material of the shoes is and how simple, yet stylish they really are! The shoes are light weight and “breathable”, which is perfect for warmer weather!

My only recommendation would be to size up! I typically wear an 11 in shoes, (yes, big foot here! haha!) this size 11 was pretty snug for me. I wish they went up in size just a bit more, but 11 is the biggest.

Victoria Footwear has many styles available, including styles with laces if you don’t prefer the slip on kind. They also have styles for men, which I am very interested in getting a pair for my husband’s summer wardrobe! I think he would appreciate the lightness of the shoes and the slip on capability as well!

Victoria Footwear is now available in the USA with FREE shipping! I know I love free shipping when shopping online! Be sure to check out their website and get your shoes for summer!

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  1. Fashionable shoes 🙂 I love it. Thanks for sharing!!!

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