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Ten Ways to Reuse Wipes Containers

So you know that we use disposable wipes in our home so you can imagine we have lots of wipes containers laying around. We do care about the amount of trash we leave behind (err… sit out each week) so we are always trying to find ways to reuse the containers. Our baby wipes tubs from Earth’s Best make great containers for so many things! We love Earth’s Best wipes but don’t want to throw away all of those tubs! Take a look at how we’ve been able to and plan to reuse them! 🙂


  • Crayon containers at home and work! (my husband is excited to use these with his class next year full of crayons in his coloring section in the classroom)
  • Touch up paint container. The wipes containers are the perfect size to put some paint into and go around touching up areas!
  • Great size for holding little girl’s headbands and hair clips!
  • Toy room organization! You can use these for cars, small Legos, stickers, etc!
  • Outside play and sidewalk chalk! Super fun activity for kids and these containers make great storage so the chalk doesn’t get all over when you bring it inside!
  • Make it into a toy! I know Addy loves removing wipes from the container…so instead of wasting wipes, I recently filled one container with pieces of material so she has something to pull out and put back in and repeat! She loves it!
  • First Aid Kit to keep in the garage…my husband is always working in the yard so I like to keep a first aid kit in there for his easy access JUST in case something happens. This is the perfect size for that!
  • Recipe Box
  • Craft Room organization! For those lucky mamas who have a room dedicated to crafting these will be perfect for organizing buttons, beads, ribbons, glue gun sticks, and more!
  • Decorate a fun “piggy” bank with the kids! They can decorate the outside of the wipes container with material, stickers, ribbons, buttons, beads, etc and then save money for something special!

Wipes containers can be decorated and used in so many ways! Don’t throw them away, use them! If you can’t use them yourself, donate them to a children’s group or a school!

What do you reuse wipes containers for?

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  1. Morgan Sears says:

    I love the ideas, I don’t use the containers though. Next time if I happen to pick up some containers type I will use some of these ideas. I love the piggy bank idea!

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