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Free Father’s Day Card from Treat through 5/31

If you missed the FREE Father’s Day card offer from Treat earlier this week, I have good news for you..

They extended it through the end of the month!

Free Father's Day Card from Treat

If you’re not familiar with Treat, they are just like regular greeting cards except much better. You get to choose your own message, add photos, and even pick your own fonts.

To get the card totally free, have it shipped to you. Then you can sign it and write a message in your own writing. For the cost of a stamp, you can have Treat mail it directly to the recipient. And since it’s still a few weeks to Father’s Day, you can even choose the delivery date.

Here’s how to get the deal:

1. Check out their selection of nearly 500 Father’s Day designs and choose your favorite card.
2. Upload pictures, choose your font and message, and preview the card to make sure it’s right..
3. Use promo code TREATDAD when you checkout.

That’s all there is to it. Now go get that card and make dad feel good this Father’s Day!

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