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Five Reasons You’ll Want to Try Earth’s Best Baby Wipes

I’ve tried cloth wipes. I really have. I just haven’t been able to successfully get them into our routine. Being that we use cloth only part time, for our family disposable wipes have been the answer. We are aware that many brands have unsafe ingredients in their wipes, which is why I want to give you five reasons why we love Earth’s Best wipes. Earth’s Best is a brand we’ve been using for some time and we feel comfortable using them on our little ones’ bums.


  1. Earth’s Best wipes are Chlorine-free. This is a big one for us! Chlorine-free wipes are created without using chlorine as a bleaching agent. In the making as well as in the breakdown of these wipes, no dioxins (cancer-causing agents created from chlorine derivatives) leak into the ground and water to poison wildlife and humans. That also means without dioxins there is no worry of them absorbing into baby’s skin and compromising her health. Thumbs up, Earth’s Best!
  2. They contain natural aloe vera and vitamin E formula, which are great for baby’s skin!
  3. Gentle enough for baby’s delicate skin, hands and face! This is so important with two toddlers! Both of our little ones have very sensitive skin and eczema…it’s important to trust the things we use to wipe their hands, faces, arms, and legs whenever they make messes!
  4. The wipes are unscented! Another important feature when it comes to using products on babies and toddlers. Babies automatically have very sensitive skin and we should be careful what we put on their skin. Scented wipes many times contain unnatural fragrance that can irritate baby’s skin.
  5. Earth’s Best wipes are alcohol-free! Alcohol can dry out the skin so it’s very important to not use wipes with alcohol since they are used directly on baby’s skin.

Have you ever used Earth’s Best wipes? What is your favorite thing about them?

Purchase: You can purchase Earth’s Best wipes online or from a local retailer.


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