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Cedar Point is for Toddlers, too!


Growing up in Ohio the one place everyone went over the summer was Cedar Point. If you’re not in the midwest you may not have heard of Cedar Point, but chances are you have…unless you are living under a rock. 😉 Cedar Point is one of the best amusement parks in the country (yes, I’ve visited many so I have the authority to say this! LOL) and I have so many, many fond memories at this wonderful park. I grew up with Cedar Point and I’m proud to now say that my kids will, too!

Cedar Point Logo

We were beyond thrilled when we were invited to a blogging event at Cedar Point this past weekend. I do have to be honest though and admit that I’ve NEVER gone to Cedar Point without riding roller coasters. I mean, it IS America’s ROLLER COAST, right? It’s also known as the Roller Coaster capital of the WORLD so who on earth would go there without the intention of riding a roller coaster? WE WOULD! 😉 We made this day all about toddler fun at Cedar Point!

With two toddlers, we are always looking for different ways to entertain them and to show them different things in the world. I always knew we would take them to Cedar Point but until we got the invite to the blogger event I wasn’t confident it was going to happen this year! Although I had never gone to Cedar Point for toddler fun, I had SEEN plenty of it there on my past ventures so there was a lot to be excited about!

Dinosaurs at Cedar Point
Our assumptions that the little ones would love Cedar Point were confirmed as soon as we walked to the park from our car. The first thing LA noticed was this giant dinosaur! He is currently on a dinosaur kick so this was rather exciting to him! Cedar Point has a Dinosaurs Alive! exhibit going on and it was neat to see dinosaurs placed throughout the park! LA kept locating them and he would get so excited when he saw one!

Lunch at Cedar Point

When we arrived at the park it was nearly lunchtime, 11:15ish am. Cedar Point was hosting a blogger’s lunch so we immediately went to the lunch. The lunch was inside of some tents that were set up right on the lakefront! It was a beautiful view although it was pretty windy right by the water! 🙂 It was just a tad bit chilly but the sky was blue and the clouds were white, the sun was shining and it was perfect Cedar Point weather! After our delicious lunch from Cedar Point, we decided to let the little ones splurge on one of the cupcakes they had available for dessert. Oh, did they enjoy that! <3

Rocket Riding at Cedar Point

After the lunch, it was on to the rides for the little ones! As I mentioned earlier, I had never gone to Cedar Point JUST for toddlers, but I was really shocked at just how much was available just for them! One of the first things LA rode was the rocket, shown above! He loved it, although in the picture I think he was still unsure of it since it was one of his first rides, ever! By the end of the ride he was laughing and loving it…so much so that he didn’t want to get off!

Toddlers Having Fun at Cedar Point

This has to be one of my favorite pictures from our day at Cedar Point! They both LOVED this car ride so, so much! Their smiles were priceless!

Water Ride Fun

After Daddy was on this water ride with LA, he realized he probably could have taken Addy with him, too. lol LA did get to ride more than Addy but that could very well be because of her overprotective mama! 😉

Cedar Point's Power Tower

Another great shot from the day! This was during a time that we were just walking around Cedar Point. The Power Tower is an AWESOME ride! Although I didn’t ride it this year, I’ve ridden it in the past and as we were walking past it looking up..I just had to capture this moment!

Cedar Point Snoopy Characters

This was one of the last things we did for the day as the little ones were getting pretty tired without having had a nap. Around 3:00pm we were able to meet the characters from Snoopy including Woodstock, Snoopy himself and Sally. We really weren’t sure how LA would react since he was pretty hesitant around Santa and the Eater Bunny but he LOVED these character!! He went right up, hugged each of them and took pictures with them, too! After that, there was even a “show” where he was able to dance with them! Addy had fallen asleep in the stroller by this time so I was sitting with her and daddy danced with LA. I tried to take a video of them dancing but the view wasn’t the best. 🙁

On our way out I just had to get an elephant ear. I love them and rarely get the chance to eat them! Some of our must have food items that we splurged on this day: Hot Dog on a Stick (corn dog), Fresh Cut French Fries, Cotton Candy and Candy Apples! Yum! No, it wasn’t a healthy eating day but yes, it was amazingly delicious! 😉

Leaving Cedar Point

Our day came to an end shortly after 5pm as we knew the little ones had had enough. The next time we visit Cedar Point I think we’ll try to get a hotel at one of the Cedar Point resorts and make a full weekend of it! I think two days with toddlers is a must just so they don’t get so worn out and/or overwhelmed while trying to enjoy every moment!

Have you ever been to Cedar Point? What are your thoughts? Did you know that toddlers can have a fun-filled day(s), too!?


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  1. Sabrina R says:

    Oh my it looks like everyone had a blast! Great pictures, I love seeing the whole family! 🙂

  2. Oh my! I have to be honest, too and say that I’ve never gone for any reason other than roller coasters! I feel selfish now! LOL This is definitely a toddler trip we will be planning this summer! Thanks for making me realize that Cedar Point is great for littles too!! 😉

  3. Ainee Ramos says:

    would consider going to Ohio once my LO is not a baby anymore.

  4. Chantal says:

    I used to go to Cedar Point all the time when I was in high school – I didn’t even think of revisiting it with my son! How exciting. something to look forward to for sure.

  5. Cedar Point has something for everyone. Just pace yourself and bring along snacks and your own healthy beverages to make it more economical.

  6. Jodi DeMay says:

    I used to work at cedar point after I graduated high school back in 2002/03. I cant wait to take my kids there when they are a bit older. I feel that being young its nice to go but since Cedar Point is mainly roller coasters that younger kids cant really enjoy the whole park but I love the kid area

  7. I would love to go to Cedar Point. Maybe I will get there next summer.

  8. I did not know there was so much to do there for the little ones! It is definitely a great place to take the whole family!
    Jasmine P recently posted…MY HOLIDAY WISH LIST & GIFT SHOPPINGMy Profile

  9. Our family has been trying to decide where to take the kids for a mini-vacation and Cedar Point resorts sounds fabulous. It looks like there is so much to do and the kids (and grown-ups) would really enjoy it. This is definitely a spot we are going to visit very soon. Thank you for sharing this informative post and for sharing your family time & wonderful fun filled pictures!

  10. That looks like so much fun! We’ll definitely have to keep Cedar Point in mind for when our little one is a little older!


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