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Jars or Pouches – What Do You Serve?

Baby food. It’s something many of us feed our babies. When it  gets to be the right time, how do you make the choice of just what first foods your little one will have? And besides the choices of WHAT they will have, you also have to look into WHO will make the foods and whether you’ll chose jars or pouches. Yes, there really are so many choices when it comes to feeding baby! No worries though, they can be simple choices with Earth’s Best!

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That’s right…Earth’s Best. It’s the company I trusted to feed to my children…all of their first foods were either made by me or by Earth’s Best.

As the first complete line of organic infant nutrition including formula, cereals and purees for all stages of feeding, Earth’s Best® is the only brand offering infant foods in eco-friendly glass jars AND convenient re-sealable pouches in 1st Foods for four months and older, 2nd Foods for six months and older and 3rd Foods for nine months and up.  Included in this month’s package are new Veggie Puree Pouches, unique blends of organic vegetables.  They are a great way for babies to get the recommended weekly intake of dark green and orange veggies.

Earth's Best JarWith over 90 jar varieties and 35 pouches you can expand your baby’s taste horizons both at home and on the go.  Stocking up on both jars AND pouches has many advantages.  Economic and eco-friendly jars are great at home, encourage interaction with your child as well as introduce your baby to the use of a spoon and table manners as he gets older. Pouches travel well which can be quite handy at times especially for children who can sit up and eat independently.. They are also a great way to continue getting wholesome fruits and vegetables into your little one as he moves into what are sometimes the picky toddler years.

When it came to feeding LA baby food, he was great about eating from both jars and pouches. My favorites were the pouches because of the ease. I did use jars at home though because I wanted him to learn eating from a spoon. Pouches were quick, clean and easy when were were out but just not something we decided was best for us all of the time. The jars have turned into great craft projects over the years!

What about you? What and how do you chose to feed your little one?

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