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Changes Made Easy with Huggies Little Movers Slip On Diaper Pants #FirstFit

Product samples received to facilitate this review.

Addy was a few months old when she started squirming around during diaper changes. She’s always been known at the difficult one to get a diaper on out of all three of our kids. I don’t know why, but the girl doesn’t want to lay there. Now that she’s walking? Oh, it’s a whole other battle! Little Miss Addy not only squirms…she turns over, stands up and runs away all within seconds! It’s been a challenge to get a diaper on a toddler (is she REALLY a toddler already!?!) that never wants to stop! Then, it happened…we got this exciting chance to try Huggies Little Movers Slip On Diaper Pants!

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What Are Diaper Pants?

I’m glad you asked! 😉 Diaper pants can be stepped into and are made with stretchy (prefastened) sides so no adjustment is needed to get a great fit! You can let your busy toddler stand up and step right into a diaper that you can easily and quickly put on him/her! It’s like you aren’t even changing your little one, you are dressing her! The diaper has trusted Leak Lock® Protection. The protection and security you both need between changes is in these pants! The diaper absorbs-away layers and long-lasting core lock in wetness and keep baby dry. Sounds like quite the diaper, doesn’t it!?

Little Movers on my Toddlers

Have Diaper Pants Made Changing Easier?

I had never tried diaper pants on my little ones before, in fact I hadn’t even heard of them. I was thrilled to have this chance. With so many Huggies Little Moversspring and summer activities coming up along with trips to the parks and zoo, it’s common that we have to change LA and Addy on the go. If diaper pants worked well for us, it would make this spring and summer much easier while on the go! They just had to work!

When putting on the diaper pant, Addy seemed pretty content with standing there to get “dressed” in her diaper. I was liking this already. I was rather surprised at how well the diaper pant fit without having to adjust the sides. You see Addy is a skinny minnie but these diapers fit great! LA was rather happy with diaper changes, too! It was simple to put on but the next part of the test? How would it work? Another surprise…these pants were amazing!! They worked throughout the day time so my next challenge was nap time and then I was going to do it…I was going to put these on LA and Addy ALL. NIGHT. LONG. Yes, they both sleep through the night and are in their diapers for 10+ hours. I was going to be brave!

Nap time was a breeze. The diaper pants passed the challenge. No leaks! Woohoo! I thought, “what a victory!” and then I was actually excited about trying this diaper pant overnight. I know, I know…the things we mamas get excited over! 😉 Good news, folks, these diapers passed the nighttime test, too! Both Addy and LA woke up every morning without leaks!!! **insert victory music here** because it really was victorious!

My Final Thoughts

I was rather pleased with Huggies on this invention! They have really delivered something to help us mamas of squirming,  moving toddlers! They didn’t diappoint in any of the tests and putting on and taking off were both super simple! Having two toddlers I need to be able to change diapers and quickly get going to check on the other one because chances are he/she didn’t stay nearby waiting! Huggies allows me to make those quick changes and there isn’t even a fight from the toddlers…they stand up and get “dressed”! LOVE IT!

Check out this Huggies video about Diaper Pants:


If your baby is standing, stop changing and start dressing them with HUGGIES® Little Movers Slip-On® Diaper Pants. An outstanding fit for your standing baby.

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Disclosure: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for HUGGIES. I received product samples to facilitate my review. All opinions are 100% my own and are not influenced in any way.

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  1. Lauren @ TheMedianMommy says:

    Thanks for the review. We’re going through the diaper change acrobatics with my almost 10 month old now! Unfortunately, we use cloth diapers, so I’m going to have to figure something else out soon (maybe a mobile over the changing table?)…
    Lauren @ TheMedianMommy recently posted…Cloth Diapering? The Median Daddy Gives His Scoop (on the poop)My Profile

  2. I use Huggies Little Movers and love them for my son! I have yet to try the slip-ons, so maybe I’ll pick up a pack next time I’m at the store.
    Ashley S recently posted…IRON MAN 3 Clip ‘Nothing Has Been The Same Since New York’ ~ #IronMan3EventMy Profile

  3. That’s pretty cool! It makes it much easier when those kiddos are moving so much!
    Jaime recently posted…The Best Baby Shower Gifts EverMy Profile

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