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Accessorize with mod and make Photography Easy

Product Samples Received to facilitate this post.

I’ve been in love with photography as long as I can remember. I never really pursued it much but it’s always been a hobby of mine. The love of photography is something my husband and I have in common and enjoy together. There are differences in how we see things though, which makes it interesting. He models part-time and sees photography in a marketing/model point of view. I love the “artsy” part of photography and I love unique shots. We help each other see different things in photos, it’s rather fun. Since we both love photography, over the past year we’ve been talking a lot about getting a DSLR camera. We finally took the plunge and decided on a camera in late February. This purchase renewed our love for photography, especially when it came to photographing our children. It make me realize that, for most of us, our hearts can be seen through DSLR because we often take photos of what we love!

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After making our fairly large purchase, it was apparent that we needed (ok, maybe I just WANTED) some accessories for our new camera. One of the first things I looked at were camera straps because although our camera did come with the super fashionable black and gold “Nikon” strap, I just wanted something more! I only knew of one company when it came to straps and I already knew, from all that I’d heard in the past, that I wanted a mod camera strap.

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Accessorize the Premium Way!

mod kindly sent us their premium camera strap for review. The strap is very stylish and with the variety of prints that mod has available you are sure to find one you love! These strap are STRONG, too! They have durable webbing to support 70lb of pull down weight! The inner part of the strap (that is against your neck) is a super soft minky material that feels great! The decorative portion of the strap: 33” long, however, the total adjustable length: 42” -48”; and it’s 1.75” wide. It’s the perfect way to “accessorize” your camera!

mod premium strap

My husband and I couldn’t be happier with this camera strap! Both of us use the camera regularly so I did chose a (somewhat) gender neutral design! 😉 The minky against our necks is very comfortable and is perfect for long photo shoots or trips to the zoo (or wherever you go) as it won’t irritate your neck! (it hasn’t ours anyway!) The premium strap is very easy to put on or take off of our camera with it’s quick-release adapters, although we’ve not taken of off since receiving it! I highly recommend mod’s premium strap to everyone and I think it’s worth every penny of it’s $48.50 retail price!

The mod Cap Saver That Saves Us!

mod cap saver mod also sent us a yellow minky lens cap saver for review and little did I know just how much of a necessity this little thing would be! The more we used our camera, the more we found we were rushing to grab the camera to capture a moment with the kids and we would take the cap off of the lens quickly only to question where it was left when we were ready to put our camera away. This happened all too many times in the short period we have had the camera so I was beyond elated when this cap saver showed up for us to try out! I chose the yellow minky to match our camera strap, however, there are many cap saver designs available and even some rhinestone ones that I really want to get (sorry, honey…you’ll have to deal with girly cap savers! haha!) These very easily attach to the lens cap with an adhesive pad and the loop on the other end goes around the barrel of your lens. After attaching simply take cap off and “drop” it and it will just hang there waiting to be put back in place. 😉 These cap savers are definitely a must-have for photographers!

These items are both things that I am thrilled to have tried and love having as part of our camera!

How You Can Get These Accessories!?

Purchase: You can purchase your own mod straps and cap savers, among other accessories, directly from the mod website! I’ve also seen some of them on Amazon!

Win!! That’s right! You have the chance to win one of each of these fabulous accessories! mod is generously sponsoring our “A Mama’s Heart Through DSLR” Event where the grand prize package includes a premium strap and a cap saver from mod! Enter today!

Have you ever tried either of these accessories from mod? Be sure you check them out and tell me which design you love the most!

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